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Obama hates South Carolina, proves it with NCAA bracket

Washington, DC – Barack Obama’s unspoken disdain for South Carolina became apparent on Wednesday with the release of his official NCAA Basketball Tournament picks.

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NCAA moves Clemson/Carolina game to Georgia

Indianapolis — The NCAA announced today that the annual football clash between South Carolina’s two biggest schools will be moved to Athens, Georgia, in response to the ongoing conflict between the state legislature and the NAACP over the confederate flag issue.

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Coca-Cola introduces “Throwback Coke” with real cocaine

Anderson – The Coca-Cola company, headquartered in nearby Atlanta, has chosen Anderson as a test market for their latest product, Throwback Coke.

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Kennedy’s death to help with end to ‘Obamamare’ Bob Jones official says

Greenville – Bob Jones University chancellor Paul Blankenship declared today that the death of liberal Senator Edward Kennedy “has now paved the way to an end to this ‘Obamamare.’”

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Homeschool colleges the next big thing in SC

Columbia – Think you need to fork over thousands of dollars a year to get a decent job in the worst economy since the early 1980s? Think again, says Curt LeBlanc of the SC Homeschool League.

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