Frequently Asked (or just pondered) Questions about theDiscust

What’s the point of this?

  • It’s supposed to be funny and entertaining an occasionally provoke some thinking.  It’s called satire.  Some pieces hit the mark better than others, but everyone has their own sense of humor.  Hopefully there’s enough variety that everyone can find something they like.

Why just South Carolina?

Can’t you get in trouble for using people’s real names?

  • All of the real names used on this website are public figures, which gives them a different legal standing in cases of libel.  Regardless, though, this publication is clearly marked as satire on every single page, and therefore should be clear to any reasonable person that none of the “news” contained in the stories is actually real, though much is based on and refers to well-known actual events.  There are some “real news” stories that are just too good not to include, but they are very clearly marked as actual news and always linked to the source material — usually a “real news” source elsewhere in the state.

How many people are working on this?

  • I put together the site, do all the graphics and illustrations (so far), most of the spreading of the word, and a fair amount of the writing. There are several other people who are helping with the writing — all the names in the “Contributors” list (lower right corner of the page) represent real people, though those are not their real names.

Why not use your real names?

  • If this were something we were doing back in college, we probably would, but these are real people with real jobs, and employers don’t always have a sense of humor. Also, people tend to write what they know, so some authors may write about things that they encounter in their professional lives from time to time.

What about you?

  • I write under the name William Moultrie, but my real name is Brian Barrie.  I’m currently underemployed, so there are fewer people to piss off in my life.  More about me.

You seem to pick on Republicans a lot — you some kind of Yankee liberal come down here to pick on us?

  • In general, Republicans are more fun to play with — who cares if a Democrat is outed?  But yes, I’m a bit left of center for South Carolina, but I assure you my family has been in this state since well before the Civil War (or more properly, the War of Northern Aggression, if you’d asked my grandmother).

This looks fun, I want to play too.

  • That’s not really a question, but ok… Sure, if you think you have a good idea send it to me, or if you want to be a regular contributor, send me a note and we’ll talk.

I want to advertise/sponsor/underwrite theDiscust.

  • Please email me, theDiscust readership is quickly growing and now would be a really good time to get on board.  The ads you see on the site are either house ads or paid ads served by Google — your ad can be stuck in the mix or worked in elsewhere.

You’ve done an amazing job — how can I make my website/business/association/trust fund as cool as this?

Any other questions?

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