This is not funny, I need a job.

I’ve gone through all the usual channels, and I’ve tried to be cute and clever, but nothing seems to be working. Somewhere out there is a job for me and I need to find it.

So, here goes the more direct approach.

NEW: Charleston Magazine profiles theDiscust publisher Brian Barrie

I’m not looking for a handout — I’m a hard worker and I bring a lot of talent and experience to the table. I am a creative thinker, can write and edit copy, design for print and digital media, create and edit websites, shoot and edit video, consult on political and media strategy, and help you spread the word on your project/website/etc. worldwide via the internet and other means. I’m a one-man shop and I may be the one person you need on your staff to put your organization over the top.

My background/work history in narrative form:

I grew up here in South Carolina and went to the College of Charleston. I wanted to be a journalist, but my design sense was stronger than my investigative drive so I got into graphic design. I started working in magazine design/publishing immediately out of college and art-directed several publications in Charleston before moving to Memphis with my future wife. In Memphis I designed and redesigned Cotton Grower Magazine and Cotton International, which are quite large publications in case you’re not familiar with the industry. We stayed in Memphis for three years — which is quite a long time in Memphis.

In the Spring of 1997 we moved to Washington, D.C., where I immediately got a job working in the U.S. Senate Democratic Policy Committee putting together internal and external publications and designing charts for Senators to use. In my eight-plus years working in Congress, I added internet work to my print portfolio and by the Fall of 2005 when we left D.C., I was the Art Director for the Democratic Leadership.

We moved back to Charleston with our infant son and I pursued freelance work for a while before taking a position at the Coastal Conservation League managing their communications. I left the League in May of this year having increased their email subscriptions by over 30%, creating an in-house video production operation, creating and growing their presence on the internet both through issue-based websites and social media sites such as facebook, and contributing to strategy and planning on a variety of issues.

On June 1 of this year, I launched theDiscust. There are a few others who contribute to the writing, but other than that, everything you see on this site is me. The design, the editing, most of the writing, the graphics, the Photoshop composites, the video production, etc. In less than three months, theDiscust has had over 50,000 unique visitors and over 90,000 pageviews (according to Google Analytics which tends to be stingy). If you google the term ‘theDiscust’ — which didn’t exist as an intentional string of letters four months ago — you’ll get almost 4,000 results.

I can do that for your site too. Or, you can advertise here. Or, maybe you’re an investor and see some potential in theDiscust. In any case, drop me a line and we can talk.

Brian Barrie (aka William Moultrie)

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