The Sanford Chronicles

If you’re like most of the rest of the world, you’ve been fascinated by the Sanford-Sanford-Chapur affair and you want to know more.  Of course, you probably think that Governor Sanford has said so much and in such an uninhibited way that there couldn’t possibly be any more.  Well… yes and no.

Here at theDiscust, our satirical coverage combined with a lack of journalistic integrity  have led us to the conclusion that you good people deserve more than just the facts. You deserve the fiction, and by god, that’s what you’ll get.

Join us as we look behind closed doors, following the story from South Carolina to South America, and back.

The footage in this trailer was shot on location right at about the place the actual events might have happened, were they real. Except the Argentina parts — they were shot in South Carolina as well.

Special thanks to the cast, including our own Scott Lewis West (aka Trey Bledsoe) as “Mark,” Andrea McGinn as “Jenny,” Devin Grant as “Joel,” and the lovely Nom de Plume as “Maria.” I guess it would be a stretch to say that any similarities to real people is just a coincidence, so I won’t say that. Also, big thanks to Jackie Armstrong, Jr., for the narration. If you need voiceover help, drop him a line at — he’s a pro.

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  1. I wish I had some way to contact Mrs Sanford I would like to tell Her what a great WOMAN she has to be.R.C.Lawson,1865 fox rd Vidor Texas,77662

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