Michael Jackson seen at cock fight

by Ashley Phosphate

Red Top – Sheriff Al Cannon confirmed that LAPD officials positively identified via fingerprints Michael Jackson’s presence at an illegal cock fight on a farm in the rural town. 

Cannon said surveillance footage caught the King of Pop on the front row of a pit overlooking the fight last Saturday night but the unbelievable footage was too much to accept at face-value.

“We understood Mr. Jackson to be deceased so at first we chalked it up to a look-alike,” Cannon said, “but his moves and mannerisms caused some of the detectives to want to just confirm their suspicions.  So we went out there with our forensics team and sure enough when the evidence came back from LA, we’ve got ourselves a real life fugitive in these parts.”

“We’re going to get him.  We’re going to prosecute him.  And he will serve serious time in South Carolina’s prison system for these crimes,” said Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson.

The sheriff plans to have his entire police force fan out through the woods and towns surrounding Red Top to flush Jackson out of hiding.  Sheriffs from other areas have vowed to help in the hunt.

It is unknown why the star faked his death or how extensive the conspiracy was to allow Jackson to cross the country, but it seems South Carolina detectives have uncovered a faked-death conspiracy like no other.  Rumors have always circulated about Jackson’s predilection for brutal animal fights from pit bulldog fights to shooting horses for sport, but until the SC detectives confirmed it this week, Jackson wasn’t know to enjoy cock fighting.

Anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of Michael Jackson should call CRIME Stoppers at 577-7111.

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15 comments on “Michael Jackson seen at cock fight
  1. Awesome,I admire Michael Jackson! He was the most talented to ever sing! We will never have someone like MJ! Rest in Peace to the GREATEST!

  2. Aw, this is a really great post. In theory I’d like to write like this also – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

  3. Could Medical Marijuana Have Saved Michael Jackson?

  4. I will miss Michael terribly. should have stayed with us longer :(

  5. johnny cats says:

    Hi, This is a truly cinematic write-up, and I can agree with what was published here. I will be back to visit the comments soon. Thanks

  6. Anyone knows something about a drug Michael Jackson was using, Demerol?
    It’s like an anti narcotic pain killer, had a spike in internet visits after he died, from 600 to 150000!

  7. rustam_o says:

    I listen to his music over 10 hours every day, im really sad hes gone :( but for my tribute for him I got a Beat It Jacket and im really excited Im wearing his glove as i type out this :) I love you Michael! You didnt deserve what all those mean people said about you, and i hope you knew you have people that love you! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JJ! You were and will ALWAYS be the King Of Pop! Anyone that cant handle it can just shut up because they dont know you and dont care to, they cant just go get a life because you are a beautiful person inside and out and i dont care what anyone else says, i think your really hot and im only 16! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON AND THERES SO MANY PEOPLE THAT LOVE YOU, MOON WALK TO HEAVEN BABY! Peace out King of Pop! You will always be in my heart!

  8. Baby Jackson says:

    I forgot to say I love michael jackson I love you baby and if your still alive I want you to know michael I’ll be your friend not yourlover just friend because friends last longer then lovers. I dont want your money I just want to be your friend because friends dont cost a cent, I want make love to you because that spoils friendships so if you want a friend who can excpect you just the way you are and a friend you may call anytime your feeling lonesome and sad my heart is open to you and if you contack me on this bord god will let me know it’s from you no matter how many people on this board I will know it’s from you no matter what you write nobody want understand it but me and nobody want know it’s from you but me because god going to let me know it’s from you and if you still alive you will answer me.

  9. Baby Jackson says:

    I would like to know for sure is people realy seeing michael jackson? if not stop lieing and getting people hopes up that he’s alive and not.Lets just say if you had a love one missing and you was prying that they still alive would you like for people saying they seen the person here and there getting your hopes up please people if it not true please I beg you please dont tell us you seen michael jackson and have not please stop in his name stop. And another thing people says nobody liked him I like to asked what have he done? I know not nothing and you dont have to do a thing for people not to like you. I sure who ever wrote this many people dont like you thats just the way it is and as long as you know you have not did anything to people for them not to like you dont worry about it. People us to hate me and gods knows I neve did a things to anybody even people in my family some didnt like me. It was told to me because I was ugly I didnt walk like people wanted me to walk. All the hell with people dont like you if they cant use you this can be a mean world out there but we must keep our head up.

  10. Tony says:

    You people are so stupid. This whole website is a meant to be a joke.

  11. Shwaron says:

    Hey how come this isn’t like making headlines?? Especially if they did finger printing and found it to be his…this is so wierd!! I really hope Michael is alive…and plus he would never harm any animals or watch them being hurt!!! Hez the one who tried to make everyone aware that every living thing is important!!
    Love you Michael forever!!

  12. Waldo says:

    I can imagine Jacko at a cock fight, but not one involving chickens.

  13. Silver says:

    Nonsense. MJ loved animals, would never be a part of that. He is deceased. Stop spreading idiotic BS.

  14. Sandy says:

    And also, I would like to see the footage to believe it!!!

  15. Sandy says:

    How come this is not all over the news?

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