Homeschool colleges the next big thing in SC

by Ashley Phosphate

Columbia – Think you need to fork over thousands of dollars a year to get a decent job in the worst economy since the early 1980s?  Think again, says Curt LeBlanc of the South Carolina Homeschool League. 

“We’re training our homeschoolers throughout the state to begin offering homeschool ‘U,’” LeBlanc said.  The coordinated plan, launched amidst the sagging economy and the wave of homeschoolers in the state, will train homeschool parents in following a basic formula so that last year’s seniors in homeschool will enroll in a homeschool college and obtain a major in the field of their choosing.

“This beats the pants off government colleges in this state.  I’ll be able to give my kids an appropriate education at home and avoid all the expense of college as well as all the social problems that colleges foster,” said Pamela Fitzhugh.  Fitzhugh and others came to the training in Columbia and met with state legislators to demand acceptance of their homeschool universities.

“We’re proud to support this innovation and proud to support the excellence of education we believe will come from this new program,” said Senator Mike Fair.

A proposed resolution reads in part: “Whereas South Carolinians desire a decent education and whereas college is expensive and whereas homeschooling is a viable, and desirable alternative, be it therefore known that the State of South Carolina hereby recognizes a homeschool college diploma as being the equivalent of a government or private college diploma.”

The resolution has met little resistance so far, but the state’s public universities are expected to speak out when the legislative session gets back into full swing.  Fitzhugh and LeBlanc offered assurances that the homeschool ‘U’ program will be rigorous and even surpass the abilities of the state’s tenured professors.

“A lot of things have happened since these so-called doctors got their post graduate degrees instead of fighting in Vietnam,” said LeBlanc.  “It’ time we took back our colleges from the radicals and put college in the home where it should be.”

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