Russian sub snagged by Charleston trawler, incident ensues

by Ashley Phosphate

Mt. Pleasant – Snatch, long a mainstay on Mt. Pleasant’s picturesque Shem Creek among the area’s shrimp boats caused an international incident yesterday off South Carolina’s waters.

“We was fishin’ and all sudden like this damn black Ruskie sub rammed the Snatch,” captain Walt Turner said.  “The Snatch was hurt from the force,” he said.

US Navy reports then detailed that the Snatch then turned and put its propellers directly onto the Russian navy’s sub, the “Cherenko” which translates into “Member.”

As the Snatch’s props dug into Cherenko, its seamen tried to hold off the attack by maneuvering the big ship away from the Snatch.  But Captain Turner’s crew held on to Cherenko with its nets.  The nets held onto Cherenko until the ship stopped moving.  The seamen then came out onto its surface and engaged in a shouting match with the Snatch’s crew.  What happened next is subject to dispute, but this much is known:  The nets of the Snatch held onto Cherenko while its crew tried to disentangle the big ship from the mess.

The Snatch’s crew insisted that they were not finished with Cherenko and that its crew was leaving the area before the Snatch was finished with it.

Naval observers say that incidents like this are fairly common.

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