Gitmo detainees to be held on floating prison on SC’s lakes

by Ashley Phosphate

Santee – House Majority Whip Henry Clyburn announced that an agreement has been reached to end the long controversial holding of terror suspects on Guantanamo Bay.  The plan will involve housing the 200+ detainees on a state of the art “floating Alcatraz” Clyburn said.

“The floating prison, to be constructed by prison laborers in SC using federal stimulus dollars will be a boon to the state’s economy,” he said.

Prison director Jim Ozmint gave few details but did say that stimulus dollars have been directed to the construction of a large floating detention facility.

“What I can tell you is that our very brightest prisoners have been awarded a contract to begin building an ‘Alcatraz’ like facility immediately,” Ozmint said. “These prisoners have been taking a class or two while incarcerated and know how to get things done.”  Followers of the issue have long considered South Carolina’s lake system as a prime space for housing the Gitmo detainees.

“It’s an issue that we’ve followed for some time now.  I’m glad that we’ll be seeing some progress on this soon,” said Clyde Jobs with the Human Rights Watch.  “We’ve been concerned that they’d be locked away in some cold climate state and forgotten.  But the plan, as we’ve learned about it, will have the floating prison travel down through the various lakes and even put on display close to the I-95 bridge so that people can come by and see the suspected terrorists.”

Clyburn also released details that trials for the detainees will be held in his sixth congressional district which ought to bolster the region’s economy, South Carolina’s poorest.

“What we’ll have here are prisoners, prison upkeep, ferrying people back and forth to court, eating establishments, hotel stays by attorneys….the list goes on.  This will be good for my district and good for the nation as a whole,” Clyburn said.

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