SC moves to in-source American jobs from India

by Ashley Phosphate

Columbia – South Carolina Education Secretary Jim Rex announced a new graduation requirement for next year’s incoming freshmen in South Carolina. The course, Asian Telemarketing/Customer Service, will teach South Carolina’s students the technical expertise to fill hotel reservations and to solve basic computer problems.

“Our kids are being left behind by the Indians, and I don’t mean the ‘tee pee’ Indians, I mean those ‘red dot up there on their forehead’ Indians – you know, the ones with the restaurants and convenience stores,”  Rex said.  The year-long course will require freshmen to learn an Indian accent also.  Proponents of the program say that the benefits will outweigh the costs in just a few short years.

“I see a day coming when jobs aren’t shipped overseas to a bunch of Indians anymore.  Instead they’ll be shipped out to our rural trailer parks.  All we need to do is get some satellite phones and some used laptops and South Carolina’s back in business again,” said Sheila Bailey, South Carolina’s Education Oversight Committee chairperson.

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One comment on “SC moves to in-source American jobs from India
  1. Bobby says:

    I don’t understand what the students were doing in Indiana to begin with.

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