Local publisher creates entire publication just to find a job

by William Moultrie

Charleston –
Rumors have been circulating for weeks now that an area publication exists entirely to provide a job-seeking forum for a single person – the publisher himself. We sought to track down this individual and get to the bottom of the story, but as it turns out, he was right here all along.  I sat down with theDiscust publisher Brian Barrie to address these rumors.

work-for-money-sqtheDiscust: So let’s cut to the chase, are you using theDiscust to find a job?
Brian Barrie: While it’s true I’m looking for a job, that’s not why I put theDiscust together.  This publication is something I’ve thought about doing for years, it just has never been the right time. But now I’m unemployed, or more accurately underemployed, so it seemed like a good time.

tD: But the headline says you created the entire publication just to find a job.
BB: That’s an oddly sensational and not entirely accurate headline… I’m not sure how that got there. I’ll look into it.

tD: But wouldn’t your time be better-spent looking for a job than writing all these stories, most of which aren’t even true?
BB: I think “most of which” is a gross under-exaggeration, and I don’t write all of them, but I am looking, and I’m doing freelance work as well via Harbor Light Media.  I can also walk and chew gum concurrently, and often do, though once I tried to throw whistling into the mix and it was a disaster. Sure theDiscust is taking up a lot of my time, but when there aren’t a lot of jobs out there, you can’t really spend all your time applying for them. Plus, people seem to like theDiscust and if readership keeps growing, there could actually be some money in it, but that’s somewhere over the horizon right now. The alternative would be to write some “woe is me” blog whining about the world and the economy – we’ll call that “Plan B.”

tD: Surely your years of experience in design, publishing, writing, internet, government, politics, and non-profits are enough that you could find something.  I mean really, in the past five weeks, you’ve created a publication from scratch that’s been read by well over 30,000 unique visitors in over 100 countries… it seems like you’d have no problem convincing someone you’d be an asset to their organization.
BB: That’s nice of you to say, and a few years ago, and maybe in another part of the country you’d be right, but South Carolina isn’t really the best place to be searching right now. But, South Carolina is home and I’m doing everything I can do to stay here.

tD: Finally, I have to say, this seems like a horribly tacky and gimmicky article. Aren’t you basically interviewing yourself? Do you consider this to be satire? Is it supposed to be funny? At long last, have you no shame?
BB: I’m not answering that.  This interview is over. Turn that thing off.

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