SC may be first to legalize, tax marijuana

by Ashley Phosphate

Dillon – State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) agents, flanked by police chiefs from the state’s largest cities joined 16 elected sheriffs today at South of the Border to announce their support for legalizing and taxing marijuana.


“Weed is good.  Weed is right.  Weed works,” said Dorchester County Sheriff B.D. Squire, spokesman for the group.

The event marks a turnaround for the state’s law enforcement officers who have counted on weed-related fines and confiscated drug money to fund their militaristic uniforms and ‘SWAT’  like attitude towards the state’s marijuana users and sellers.  The officials would like to see South Carolina enact legislation to legalize and tax weed and corner the southeastern market in a way similar to the way Georgia’s lottery siphoned valuable revenue from the state’s coffers and in a way similar that our lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax brings customers all the way from the northeast.

Democratic and Republican leaders from the general assembly are intrigued by the idea.

“This is perhaps one of the no-brainers in terms of bringing us back to fiscal health,” said Hugh Leatherman, the senate finance chairman.

“There was a half-million dollar bust a couple weeks ago in Berkely County,” said state Agriculture Secretary Hugh Weathers, “if that pot was taxed at anything near the rate of tobacco… well that would be about $500 million straight into the state coffers. Can you imagine what kind of income we’d pull in if it was planted on proper farms and not just in little patches in the woods? We wouldn’t be having a ‘stimulus’ debate because we wouldn’t need the money.”

“The effects of this would be enormous,” said University of South Carolina Economics Professor Lester Nestman. “Obviously tax revenue would be huge, but we’d likely also see a surge in tourism all over the state, you’d have all manner of stores springing up at every border crossing, and I can’t even imagine how popular farmers’ markets would become.  On a related note, just the mention of this possibility has caused an overnight jump of 38% in undergraduate applications to the university.”

Reactions in the business community were mixed. Cigarette executives were outwardly dismissive of the idea, but a source at RJ Reynolds speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that the company was actively looking for land to build a Marijuana packaging facility outside of Latta, near the North Carolina border.

Gregg Propps, a Charleston-area distributor for Little Debbies brand snacks was less reserved in his response.

“Are you kidding me? Holy crap, this is awesome.  This is going to put my kids through college… but maybe I’ll send them to school in another state.”

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70 comments on “SC may be first to legalize, tax marijuana
  1. marijuana should have been legal many years ago!! i have epilepsy,it helps that,i have a bad back it helps better than narcotics with the pain for me!! right now is the time the federal government should get off it’s ass and act for the benefit of the united states!! it is a win win situation and big pharmaceutical companies will no longer have a monopoly on the market!! everybody take a toke and have a good day!!

  2. Stuart Benninghoff says:

    So where to begin? I love living here in SC. This is where my family has always been. I mean nothing bad about cannabis or those who speak for it. I have actually spent the last 13 years learning all i can about growing/ pricessing/selling it, just in case this legislation actually happens. But I don’t believe anyone is taking into account the earthshaking ramifications of what this decision is capable of!!!! They said that a $500,000 bust could have been worth millions in tax revenues. At street value, that was probably 500 lbs. Now with luck and advanced growing techniques, that’s about 500 plants. You can plant that on a couple acres of land. What about me and my family… we have a 960 acre farm in Williamsburg County??? We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars of annual income for one family virtually overnight… and myself, someone with nothing more than a highschool education, in charge!!!!! I’m just saying…DO WE REALLY WANT TO BE TURNING A BUNCH OF REDNECKS INTO MILLIONAIRES??? Our financial system is based on resources. Do we have enough resources to do that??? CONSIDERING OUR. CURRENCY IS PRINTED ON PAPER MADE OUT OF THIS VERY PLANT IN QUESTION, WE MAY HAVE TO RETHINK A GREAT DEAL ABOUT OUR SOCIOECONOMICAL AND POLITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE…. I GUESS MONEY REALLY DOES GROW ON TREES AFTER ALL!!!!

    Maybe that’s why nobody wants to explain why its illegal, because it can replace money….

    But you didn’t hear it from me ;-)

  3. says:

    i say legalize then our nation wouldn’t be in the bind that its now in. Can you say what deficit. i have worked as bar tender and a hotel clerk and i would rather deal with someone high than drunk on ant day ask any cop and they will tell you the same thing. I myself would rather smoke bud than to have to take all the meds i am on right now

  4. If they legalize it for people to grow and use in the privacy of ther own homes that could work.
    I’m against public sale and taxation.
    It will become another crutch for the weak to use and abuse.
    If your on public assistance or food stamps you don’t need a drug to make you numb from the neck up.You need a job or some additional education.
    This drug relaxes makes some silly and irrational.
    Fact: There are a lot of lazy people with ZERO ambition. This will drug will cloud there outlook on reality. Turn on Tune in Drop out.Very COOL and very DUMB.
    Sit your fat butt down turn on your sports channel and guzzle a case of beer.
    Kill what brain cells yo have left.
    Life is short- Drugs are for loosers-Look at what they have done for the rich and famous.

  5. chris w says:

    It should be legal. R country is in so much debt wouldnt it help if we could tax marijuna weather its legal or not people r still gonna smoke it and if people think its so bad why is there medical marijuna obvisouly it cant be that bad. I for one love smoking a joint after a long stressful day at work its relaxing and i enjoy it helps me sleep at night. There is so much worse out there and there worried about a weed. Come on legalize it.

  6. pot facts says:

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  7. Wayne Mills says:


  8. Devin says:

    marijuana has helped me a lot it makes me feel amazing takes away headaches stumich pains and depression if i didnt smoke ganja i wouldnt be so laid back vote yes on proposition 420

  9. firesilverblade says:

    Hey marijuana is not addited as poeple say, trust me on that. It does have alot of different uses grows fast work wood, bio fuel, cloths, paper, rope, and yes smoke to relax feeling which would take away all these chemical addition like sleeping peels zenax, that causes alot of side affect in the body the drug company won’t tell you about. I am not telling you to drive or work under the influence of it but when your at home frustrated will stress of everyday things it is nice to sit on your couch and smoke one and enjoy your nite. An another thing it does not try to hide from your stress it makes you relax and think of ways to deal with it and go on living a full life. You won’t have that drunk feeling the next day either.

  10. Benny says:

    I have asked my Dr. would it help. I was almost electrocuted in 2000 and am on to many prescription pills that I will most likely die of Liver complications, I have torn muscles and ligaments that cannot be repaired, Another Dr. tried to repair one arm but it still hurts just about as bad as it did. The Dr said it might would, so I tried it and it was so nice not to be in pain for the first time in years. I won’t buy it because you don’t know what chemicals are being sprayed in other countries. But I would like to get a prescription and be able to grow my own with a permit. Please consider it !

  11. lonestar467 says:

    i honestly think they should legalize it bc people are gonna do it no matter what and they are spendin millions a year to prohibit the use of marijunana when we are millions in debt i think if they legalize it it could make our country com eout of the debt i mean like they said $500 million flat thats crazy jus imation if every state legalized we would be set i mean bc i luv marijuana and if they legalize it i will be the happiest person allive!!!!!#LEGALIZE IT

  12. Bridget Lee says:

    well it’s now 2012, and still no legalisation of Pot here in SC, and in fact, the original post about it here, is over 2 years old. Typical for politicians and especially those here in SC.

  13. cartoonhead says:

    the fixed penelty notice of £80. how is this a deterent an b4 u think how would i like to be treated. heres how just leave us alone. we don’t hurt no1. an as adults. should not we at the end of the day get the last say in weather or not we do it. i don’t do it to brake the law infact my mind boggles why i have to brake the law todo something i injoy in the 1st place an exsept for pot i have never been in trouble with the law in my life. but i does love a good fat green 1 an that will never change. we under the Torres an things are bleek these are the times we need drugs the most

  14. cartoonhead says:

    tax it. sack that. i’m happy with proabition lets face its. its kept quoity good an prices down, y mess with such a perfect system. pot never harmed any 1 but alcahol destroys familys an nicateen is worse than smack the only difrence being thay are cheeper an easyer toget or ud see people robbing people for a nicateen hit or a can or bear dirty scum i think pot is the best way to fly. alltho a jack an co’ke never go’s a miss if you get what i meen pmsl

  15. Zack Barkley says:

    Dear Brian,
    Watch a video called “The Union.” It will teach you what marijuana really is about, because when I watched it, I said to myself, “why the fuck is marijuana illegal?!” And let me tell you a little something about marijuana that I learned from this video, it taught me that marijuana produces better and more paper, and it will save our trees. and it is stronger than COTTON, yeah that’s right you can use certain parts of the marijuana plant to make clothing or any piece of. And did you know that the Deceleration of Independence is made up of a 100% hemp paper. But here I’m not going to go any further, so I’ll give you this link for you or any ANTI-POTHEADS to look at:

    So please legalize it for South Carolina!

  16. knottymoe says:


  17. knottymoe says:

    Brian Phillips
    you cannot blame your problems on marijuana sorry…

    Those things you mentions weather they are true or not are very personal problems, that you need to rectify with your wife or ex-wife. and your daughter has a choice of her own as well. I never smoked ciggarettes or drank alcahol and still dont i think these legal drugs along with perscription drugs are tearing down the foundation of our youth and country. Marijauna is not the cause of divorce, or drug addiction. these facts are proven. Marijuana is my drug of choice and that is all i use and moderately. Everyone has to be responsible with themselves. Im sorry to hear of your situation really i am. But bashing marjuana is not going to change anything. this legalization is much larger than your home problems and the people around you who make poor decisions. god bless you and i hope to see you have a change of hear.

  18. knottymoe says:

    this would end alot of wrongful persecutions and help us become very successful and the tourism!!!! i would love to see this happen. God bless south carolina my homestate i love.

  19. janet jordan says:

    I think it would be fantastic! I have epilepsy and have to take Phenobarbitol, I would much rather medicate with marijuana.. and to Mr. Brian Phillips: If you knew anything about marijuana, you would know that if that was all your ex was doing, she sure as hell wouldn’t be awake at 3am! Get a clue man! Most anyone will tell you that if someone was coming over at that hour, it most certainly was not maryjane! Plus, it would get SC out of this budget crisis!! Sincerely, a cannibis supporter.

  20. Roberto says:

    To be perfectly honest the worst thing in the United States that is legal is alcohol(liquor). There are more people dying everyday from DUI accidents and doing something stupid from the result of getting drunk. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been smiking weed for about 6 years now and I don’t think I will stop wheather it is legal or not. It helps a person to relax if stressed. It helps a person sleep if they can’t. It also helps a person who is sick and does not have an appetite, eat. Overall it is a good source of revenue for the state and the US if it is legalized. There would be fewer people in jail as a result of marijuana charges. There would be less stress on local and state authorities searching for the drug. The can spend more of their time focusing on “criminals” rather than something that is not quote on quote manufactured. Weed is nothing different from a flower, plant, crop, tree, or anything else that grows from a seed that requires soil and sunlight.

  21. jobu's rum says:

    To the citizens of this great land: Whether we are prepared to publicly side one way or the other on this issue or not there is a powerful debate going on concerning marijuana law reform. Personally I’ve heard strong reasoning coming from both sides. If we could all do one thing and one thing only we could all experience a great healing together. The one thing would be to practice love for one another.

  22. bud says:

    This is to brian phillips,
    Go smoke a joint and get over it! I’ve been smoking pot for 25 years and it still has the same affects today as it did then. It sure as hell hasn’t made me go out and do other drugs especially the legal ones that have so many side effects. Sorry to here about the separation of your family. But have you considered that you might had been the reason for it because I have 4 children and 3 are adults and only 1 smokes marijuana. And my 14 year old is a A-B student,knows that I smoke and is well educated on the effects of marijuana without ever smoking it. If she makes a decision to smoke after she graduates then she’ll be well informed of whats going on.
    If there is somebody that come to my door at 3am in the morning to ask me to smoke a joint with them, their going to get a shot gun stuck up their ass. I would bet that your exwife was doing something other than marijuana when she had people coming by that early in the morning.
    I bet taxing sex would make alot of money. You should know from having to pay your exwife for it.
    Educate yourself Brian! Then maybe you can get your life and family back together.
    Legalize SC!

  23. bud says:

    This is to brian phillips,
    Go smoke a joint and get over it! I’ve been smoking pot for 25 years and it still has the same affects today as it did then. It sure as hell hasn’t made me go out and do other drugs especially the legal ones that have so many side effects. Sorry to here about the separation of your family. But have you considered that you might had been the reason for it because I have 4 children and 3 are adults and only 1 smokes marijuana. And my 14 year old is a A-B student,knows that I smoke and is well educated on the effects of marijuana without ever smoking it. If she makes a decision to smoke after she graduates then she’ll be well informed of whats going on.
    If there is somebody that come to my door at 3am in the morning to ask me to smoke a joint with them, their going to get a shot gun stuck up their ass. I would bet that your exwife was doing something other than marijuana when she had people coming by that early in the morning.
    I bet taxing sex would make alot of money. You should know from having to pay your exwife for it.
    Educate yourself Brian! Then maybe you can get your life and family back together.

  24. Amanda says:

    I think that weed should be legalized in South Carolina. Theres so many jobs that so many qualified people cant get becuase they smoke pot. This doesnt make that any worse of a person or employee, as long as they do it on their own time not the companys. Its totaly stupid that people are being arrested for it and costing the state so much money just to hold these smokers in jail. Who is it harming? EVERYONE! It is costing the residents so much tax money to hold these smokers. Why not just legalize it and charge a tax which in ture will keep the jails open for CRIMINALS and not stoners, provide money back to the community with the taxes.

    Its easliy do-able…Come on South Carolina!

  25. Alex says:

    I think this is a step in the right direction.
    Weed is no worse than tobacco, if not better.

    Don’t be so stuck in the mud, really think about this issue for a moment. I think it’d be great if they had tax marijuana here. It would help our economy, and make us more modernized.
    Weed is in style, guys.

  26. Desanee says:

    I believe that marijuana should be legalized. for those people who call it the gate way if you think about alcohol is the real gate way drug because you do stupid shit when your intoxicated because at the time it feels rigt. It pisses me off when people talk about stupid potheads and that pot ruined their life. For on if you dont like pot ok dont smoke it but dont hate on others that do they arent callin you names because you choose not to smoke and if you let obviously if pot ruins your life its because the person you we with or what not had differen t beliefs and if thats the case your better off not being together 4people want to be with people who share the same beliefs and opinions. Honestly i DONT CARE I LOVE MARIJUANA AND IT WOULD BE AWSOME TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA BECAUSE YOU CAN MAKE MONEY AND EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  27. brian phillips says:

    i had pot heads coming to my house at 3am in the morning just to ask my soon to be exwife to smoke pot with them..It destroyed my marriage for step daughter started doing worse drugs just because she started smoking pot with her mom..See wltx (Christina A Bryant)
    She was arrested for making meth with her so called friends..
    This is what pot does..Its a gateway drug.When that dont work on you anymore you move on to more potent drug like meth,cocain,ice,etc!
    If they do make it legal im moving out of this state period!!!!
    Dam,Wait a min here!! ill loose a lost of money on my pot crop!!!Ha ha funny huh???

  28. brian phillips says:

    its funny..One minute its illegal and the next they are talking about making it legal just to line their pockets with money!!
    Money and drugs is the root of all evil!
    Like the post said.::quote!
    Just think of the money we are missing out on just in tax’s!!
    what about the people that was growing it for their own use and got busted and is now serving time in prison for it???
    Will they be released ?? Or will they stay in jail while they get rich off of dum pot heads spending their whole paycheck on the crap and not supporting their family’s! think about it before you do it!!
    it will be the end of the free world!
    Next they will make it to where you have to pay them tax’s just to have sex!Oops i better not say things like that i might give them ideas!!!!

  29. brian phillips says:

    this is a joke!! My whole life was destroyed by this crap! My wife was hooked on it and was giving it to my kids to take to school to sell for her just so she could afford to buy more for her sorry a”".
    Ban the crap and close the door on making it legal!!! we dont need it,never did!just like beer.Take it off the market.!
    Our lives would be much better and nobody would get killed by drinking and driving!

  30. Kimberly says:

    how can I help change the laws in SC and Florida to legalize medical marijuana?

  31. Kellie says:

    You know ever since I was a kid I always imagined that it would be such a better economy if marijuana was legal. I’ve seen people get locked up for it and I’ve honestly been locked up for it. There is no more room in the jails to be putting people with such a petty charge in there. I went in there and there weren’t even enough blankets. I know that a good population of our prisons are because of marijuana. Why don’t we just tax it and do it like we do with cigarettes and alcohol. I don’t see a problem with this and I highly believe that we should pass this law. I know my area about a good most of the cities percentage believes that it should be legalized.

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  34. carla says:

    © 2010 theDiscust. The editorial content of this site is satire and parody. Real news is clearly marked. Lighten up.

  35. vaporizers says:

    SC won’t be the first, California is so close the residents can taste it. If you are a California resident please check out TAX CANNABIS .ORG and learn what you can do.


  36. There’s no doubt about it, the Volcano is the cadillac vaporizer. I swear it’s amazing. There’s plenty of cheaper options, but you’re not going find that level of quality in any of the competitors. I had a Vapir, I had a Vapor Bros setup, nether compared. You get what you pay for. And at $500-600 for a Volcano Vaporizer, you’re definitely “paying” for it. As far as “healthier” consumption of marijuana is concerned, it’s been proven over and over that the vaporizing is the way to go…

  37. Brian says:

    I support this .I would like to see personal grow.

  38. 420xtoomanyx420 says:

    I really hope this will be real one day. I LOVE POT!!!!! I used to smoke it and now I vaporize it. It is healthy, more potent and odorless. I love it.

    My friend with the alcohol problem. I almost went down that road because my wife is anti-pot. I quit smoking but I refuse to quit consuming because I will probably end up drinking too much.

    Check out this vape. It changed my life.

  39. John says:

    How can I get involved in helping getting the message out and get this rolling. I have a good amount of time of and live in the Charleston area.

  40. BGC says:

    Sounds a little too good to be true. I know it would be benenficial for marijuana to be legalized and regulated like tobacco and alcohol. There is no good reason why it is in the same category as hard drugs and there is no reason for the states to be losing valuable tax revenue in a time like this when they could have so many industires that create good paying jobs like hemp, clothing, glass pipes, soil rejuvination, hemp seeds, medical marijuana, and so on. We need to take advantage of this huge profit potential from a harmless plant and end the war on drugs.

  41. I think that weed should be legelized because weed does not put any one in danger no more than cigarettes do. They want to let beer and liquer to be legal and that causes almost the most deaths in the united states. I have never heard of any one stilling, robbing or killing any body else for weed or while smoking weed. I think it is crazy to make weed illegel and alcohol legel when alcohol is almost the leading cause in deaths wheater it be of drunk drivers causeing a wreck or of lever desease. I have never heard of some one dying of a over dose, car crashes on weed or any related deaths caused by marijuana. It’s pretty dumb to legelize something that will kill you than to legelize something that will not. The United States would make a whole lot more money if we legelized weed and tazed and sold it in stores like cigarettes. If we were smart we would legelize weed and sell it in stores so that we would make more money and get out of this debt that the United States is in.

  42. T.Rex says:

    Marijuana is only illegal because hemp production threatened the huge profits of a handful of big business owners.(Namely W R Hearst who had billions of dollars worth of wood pulp to market for paper, the DRUG companies and the ALCOHOL industry.)alcohol and prescription drugs generate BILLIONS of dollars every year in profits for a very SMALL group of people and cause BILLIONS of dollars in horrid damage and suffering to countless MILLIONS of regular citizens such as myself and probably YOU.Weed on the other hand has never caused a SINGLE death and for damn sure doesn’t cause even 1/10 of 1/10th of a 1 percent of the pain and anguish to INNOCENT victims like drunk drivers cause every year.But yet alcohol is legal, extremely DANGEROUS prescriptions drugs still get FDA approval to be sold to the unsuspecting public.And BILLIONS of dollars are wasted every year to put harmless marijuana smokers in prison.It’s high time we said ENOUGH is ENOUGH and DEMAND of our elected officials to do away with pot prohibition.Hel,l God himself created every seed bearing plant (I get this STRAIGHT from the book of Genesis) to be used by man as he saw fit, who is the US govt to say what god has wrought (and given to his creation for his benefit) is WRONG?

  43. Anotherproivitionvictiom says:

    like prohibiton vitcim number one states above me. i 2 was busted for cutivatin ( not manufacturing) marijuana. Me and my girlfriend had 4 plants we where growin fro personal use and the one person we let find out was the one who ratted us. Remeber that for u out there doin the same!. But this pass thursday around 8 pm 5 to 6 narcotics taskforce agents showed up at my door. After talking to them outside and they telling me that they had information that i was growing marijuana and threten with going to get a warrant i deciced it was in my best interest to let them in and let them take them. I hope doing that will end up helping me in the long run since i knew i had no ther way out but thats topic of another conversation. So i spend the last 3 days in jail until my bond was posted but nwo im left to deal with the consecuences even tho i 2 am a tax paying citizen with a full time job but im being labeled a criminal for simple excercising my right to a persuit of hapiness. Let alone it was my first time ever doing so n was harming no one but keeping my money from contributing to the drug trade. So again i 2 am a victim of prohibiton and the crazy American war on drugs. So please people, its up to us the ones who elect our county and state officials to make a difference and voize our opinions.
    Legalize it, tax it, regulate it. But dont make of it a greater problem than it creates itself.

  44. I think, because the current laws are based on lies and deceits, Ie. Marijuana Madness, that the laws should be changed to legalization and regulation. Never seen or heard of a pot smoker going berserk and busting up the joint like alcohol consumption does. All the Marijuana users I have ever know are laid back and passive to say the least. So what is the big deal with Marijuana use. ???????

  45. I think, because the current laws are based on lies and deceits, Ie. Marijuana Madness, that the laws should be changed to legalization and regulation. Never heard of a pot smoker going berserk and busting up the joint like alcohol consumption does. So what is the big deal with it.

  46. There are many persuasive arguments on why America should legalize marijuana, and the reasons are sound, but the fact that many millions of Americans have used pot has not translated into real political pressure on the people who can change the laws. One of the problems inhibiting legalization is that people that smoke a glass pipe or a joint are not considered serious or mature. It is This stigma that scares many pot users to hide that they smoke pot. Therefore the Reality of who smokes pot and how much the smoke is very different than it seems. The last three presidents were admitted pot users and by my Understanding the same is probably true of the first three presidents as well. Marijuana Legislation is very serious and has everything with how we define what it means to be American. What credence do we as Americans give the rights of the individual to the pursuit of happiness as well as a right to privacy? In the end it is up to us to be public about our choices and to Voice our opinions to the ones that ultimately decide what the rules are. Every hand written Letter that makes it to a representative is considered to be the voice of a thousand people who did not take the time to write. Send an email, send a letter make a phone call and get counted.

  47. Harry L. Norton Sr. says:

    My wife fell and damaged nerves in both her legs. Her doctor told her that the medication he was giving her had very severe side effects. He told her that marijuana would be the best thing that he could prescribe, but since we lived in South Carolina he could not prescribe it. We do not want to move to California; there fore she has to use the less than desirable drugs.
    Lets get real. God put marijuana in this world for a reason.

  48. Yeah Man says:

    Fuck you for posting this article. This is a VERY serious topic to many people in SC, and you make up a fake article to be funny. This is almost as bad as the dumbasses in the Whitehouse who don’t realize how beneficial legalizing and taxing marijuana in the US can be.

  49. Chase says:

    I’m 25yrs old and I have grown my own weed! I don’t know if anyone feels the same way,but I get so excited when it’s time to start my plants. I was talking to my gf two days ago about growing for a living if it was ever legalized, I mean I know at least 8 men that that are currently without jobs, and with a small amount of funding I could have an opperating buisness ready to sell my products within 4&1/2 to 5 months. I hope they do it. Maybe we can lead the way to the legalization of home grown and or medical marijuana :)

  50. Marc says:

    I have suffered, horribly, from alcohol addiction for the past 20+ years. My health is now to a point I could die any time. My mental state is so delicate, I could completly loose it almost any time. Alcohol is a HORRIBLE parasite to the well-being of humans.
    I was a regular weed smoker for 10 years before the drinking. Never had drinking problems, health issues, mental issues, etc.
    Stumbled upom a small stash a month ago. Started smoking again, and didn’t drink a drop for 3 WEEKS! Felt great! Happy again! Active Again! Prosperous Again!
    The true crime, is not being able to find a resource to get more.
    My life could truly be saved if pot was legal. I don’t care the cost. I don’t care the stigma. It made me, once again, hopefull for a better tomorrow. If I could possibly do ANYTHING to help this pass, consider it done.

  51. We should legalize “home grown marijuana only” so that business (money) will not go to our foreign enemies. Also the Holy Bible
    says all the herbs are good therefor our legislators shouldn’t act
    like they’re not. The government needs to stop withholding marijuana
    from US citizens.
    Charles Connor of the great state of South Carolina

  52. ElsewhereAttorney says:

    I think someone struck a nerve!

  53. Kayak Dude says:

    Ooooooooooohhhhhhh…this is soooooo coooooooooooolllll. [puff....] I meannnnn…like cooooooooooollllll. [puff....] Has anyone told you this is like coooooooooooollllllllllll?

  54. Prohabition Victim says:

    I really, really hope this is for real! I was arrested not even a week ago for growing (“manufacturing” is so improper!)Less than 10 plants for my own personal use! I was featured on the front page of the local papers and evening news for god sakes! They (police and media) made me out to be some huge drug dealer! I work a 60hr a week job that I bust my a$$ to earn my paycheck! I smoke marijuana to relax after a hard long back breaking day of work and ease the anxiety of the stress of customer service!

    Now the wonderful state of south carolina has thrown two felonies at me each carrying a MANDATORY jail term sentence of no more than 20yrs for both charges for Manuf. Marijuana and possesion with intent to distribute (because they were in two separate jars by strain)!!!!

    What!? Why!?! I am NOT a criminal! Please! Please someone do something to end the ridiculas propagandic BS that myths marijuana and show the facts about it so it can be used as a SAFER alternative to alcohol!!!

  55. Sober Says Legalize It says:

    I don’t even smoke. But legalize it, tax it, and focus on REAL PROBLEMS like cocaine and meth.

    Pot is not the issue. Prohibition and closed minds are the issue. The same people who say no, were probably drinking at last night at bars across the US… Hypocrites.

    Also, talk about how strange it is that every other commercial during a sports game is for beer, and how people at work talk about how they went to a party and got drunk and yet my friends that casually smoke can’t say they stayed home, smoked a little, and watched a movie.

    Like RTP said above, just treat it like alcohol.
    I don’t get when people say they are worried about kids. If treated like alcohol, as the post says above, they won’t be able to get it. The “what about the children” argument makes no sense.

    Finally, the US can make tons of money if they tax it.

  56. I’m sick of it!!!!!!!!! I like pot. You like beer. Who’s correct on this? It’s insane.

    The millions should not need a buffer like medical marijuana to get smoke.

    The intolerant squares (that enjoy a drink) say they just want medical marijuana to get high. And saying it’s medical is an excuse. Well so what. I will never touch crack, coke, or meth. And it’s never been gateway drug for me or any of my successful adult friends.

    I get high once every 2 weeks. Why do I have to have excuses? This whole law is illogical.

    Why not make donuts and soft drinks illegal? They make you fat and give you diabetes. And everyone knows one donut leads to another.

    I like pot. So what. Am I a sinner? Have I hurt anyone? Have I stole anything?

    You like a drink. I like a puff. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Just legalize it, tax it, regulate it. AND END THE CRIME AND VIOLENCE CREATED BY KEEPING IT ILLEGAL!

    What a bunch of *%*^$& hypocrites! Think about that the next time you’re watching the big game with a beer in your hand watching a Budwiser commercial.

  57. Brian Eargle says:

    This article is an excellent example of why you don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

    People in South Carolina immediately recognize that SLED agents, police chiefs, and sheriffs gathered at South of the Border to ask for legalization of marijuana IS A SPOOF. Read the bottom line:

    © 2009 theDiscust. The editorial content of this site is satire and parody. Real news is clearly marked. Lighten up.

  58. scottportraits says:

    Sounds like a good idea. Corner the market for the whole south-east….very ingenious.
    Does it take a Governor’s sex-scandal to let an idea like this ‘catch fire’ ?? What, exactly, does it take ??
    Shrinking coffers. Thirst for liquidity, cash-flow, ‘hot’ money.

    Why is all this taking so long ???

  59. Mark Godfrey says:

    I’m stunned, SC I love ya! I am dazed at your boldness. May this gamble bring you all the rich rewards that it deserves, and unquestioningly will.

    Anyway, better hurry though ’cause Cali is going in 2010 and the Organization of Caribbean nations has short-listed discussion to jump on hemp-oil production with a purpose. And there are surely like 50 more major players looking to set up in the system early.

    Go SC!!

  60. Holyballs!!! says:

    IF SC is the first state that legalizes pot I’ll get a confederate flag tat.

  61. txpeloton says:

    Cannabis the plant is good because it can be used in so many ways:
    newspaper, clothing, food, bio-fuel, and drugs.
    Cannabis when used as a drug is not necessarily bad. Many medical benefits are being rediscovered.
    Burning cannabis to get high is what upsets so many witnesses to consider it bad.

    The word “cannabis” appears in the CSA a total of 1 time, in the definition of “marihuana”, which starts like this:
    “The term ‘marihuana’ means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L…”, otherwise, the relevant mentions are of marihuana, marijuana, or substance(s) in schedule 1.

    The law should be changed to distinguish the good from the bad.

    Cannabis would be legalized, and marijuana could begin a path toward eventual decriminalization if the definition was changed to this:
    “The term ‘marihuana’ means all parts – of the smoke produced by the combustion – of the plant Cannabis Sativa L.”

  62. Earl Capps says:

    May as well. It seems like they’ve been smoking it at the Governor’s office for years.

  63. I am from a state that cannabis /hemp grows wild naturally. When hemp seed is sown here by nature, in Nebraska, it flourishes; as any natural, wild native plant, left unattended in nature does. Legalizing Hemp for the progressive uses in Agriculture are mind boggling! Production of Hemp accross the USA would expand new trade, increase demand, add new jobs, industry and eliminate dependence of IMPORTED Hemp (oils, foods and over 25000 Natural products could be made with USA GROWN Hemp allowing our hard earned USA dollars to be spent at home. not on importing something thats in the USA growing wild and free). Cannabis for Research and Medicine and Agriculture COULD quite possibly, eliminate OUR National Deficit. If law makers come together in 2009 to remove the prohibition blinders and GET Informed, Become Educated, and please Listen to the Voters Voices to End Cannabis Prohibition and RESEARCH THE FACTS OF CANNABIS and HEMP IN THE US of A! CANNABIS FREEDOM FIGHTERS UNITE!

  64. Jonathon says:

    Its about time we pull our head out of our ^%$, its should have never been made illegal and if you research why and how it became illegal, you will notice words such as “Negro” and “devils music” and other crazy things you wouldn’t even believe, man how stupid were we in the 30′s.

    Even crazier, how many innocent good hearted American people spent years of their life in a metal cage because of this, that’s the saddest part of all, such a disaster, and we not only let it happen, we supported it thinking we knew better, shame on all of us. I am forever sorry to all those who suffered as a result of us simply trying to enforce our own version of morality. I admit I was terribly wrong and will forever hold myself accountable.

    I’m sorry America, I made a very bad choice and I now realize the consequences of doing so.

  65. Tom says:

    Find out why more and more cops, judges, and prosecutors who have fought on the front lines of the “war on drugs” are actually standing up and saying we need to legalize and regulate all drugs to solve our economic, crime, and public health problems:

  66. Conservative Christian says:

    South Carolina could reap a windfall in tourism and taxes if they regulated marijuana the same way they regulate alcoho.
    To get the income from the home-grown crowd, a $100 per year permit for a dozen plants would bring a fortune into the state treasury.
    I’m from out of state, but you South Carolinians could turn this into something more than just a spoof editorial. There’s a real opportunity here.

  67. quitefunny says:

    No seriously guys, this HAS to be a joke.

    No law enforcement officer in the world is going to say “Weed is good. Weed is right. Weed works” – first of all it doesn’t even make sense.

    Legalizing and regulating marijuana is a necessary and urgent step that our country has to take, but it is *not* going to be done because “weed is good”. It’s going to be done because the high prices and lack of legal competition created by the prohibition are putting all of us, smokers and non-smokers alike, in a very real danger of violence, torture, or worse at the hands of the illegal drug cartels operating in this country.

    Our ONLY way to get rid of them is by allowing reputable businesses to legally produce and sell marijuana to adults with after-tax prices set too low for the drug dealers and cartels to match. This is the only thing that’ll drive them away and prevent other criminals from wanting to replace them!

  68. quitefunny says:

    What? This is obviously a spoof.

  69. Todd says:

    Ya, good idea “Gregg Propps” send your kid to another state where they only offer alcohol legally. Free the Weed!!

  70. Yes says:

    Wow. This is really good news!

    I believe there are probably many in law enforcement that also want to end prohibition but are not permitted to speak out because the top LEOs, who do not want prohibition to end, would harass them.

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