Movie Review: Nikki Haley – Undead Zombie Voter Fighter

by William Mountrie

Charleston, SC – Politics, zombies, voter suppression, blatantly ripping off Hollywood — this movie has it all, and more.

Coming soon to a voter roll near you.

The movie that’s been two years in the making is finally here and it’s well-worth the wait as Nikki Haley gives a show-stopping performance as Nikki Haley, Undead Zombie Voter Hunter.

The story is a historical drama based on the well-documented events that happened in the year 2012 when the governor of South Carolina enlisted her administration in tracking down hundreds of undead zombies who had been voting in elections.

Armed only with their wits and legions of sheep-like followers, Haley and her army of zombie hunters bravely fought against facts and evidence to protect the integrity of their illusions. Sure, innocent non-undead voters were sacrificed in the pursuit of their cause, but collateral damage is to be expected when the cause is just.

This film has been rated R for scenes of gratuitous violence and scenes of fabricated reality. In addition to 3D glasses, patrons will be offered blindfolds as an alternative viewing option.

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One comment on “Movie Review: Nikki Haley – Undead Zombie Voter Fighter
  1. Zach Mandell says:

    Can’t go wrong with a good zombie movie. And in 3D even better.

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