American Idol fans beg Haley not to support Elise Testone

by William Moultrie

Charleston, SC – There’s rarely a popular bandwagon that a politician won’t jump on, but fans of American Idol hopeful and Charleston resident Elise Testone are asking Governor Nikki Haley to stay off of this one.

Thanks but no thanks Nikki

“Usually you want your favorite to have all the support she can get,” said Karen Cartwright, who describes herself as Testone’s biggest fan, “but Nikki Haley’s endorsement is doing more harm than good, but bless her heart for trying.”

“I love Nikki to death,” said Ivy Lynn, another Testone supporter from Charleston, “but she probably should steer clear of American Idol. I was excited the first time I saw Nikki mention Elise on her Facebook page, but that very week Elise almost got eliminated. Then last week Haley plugged her again and again she was in the bottom three. Please Nikki, support one of the other singers — give Elise a chance!”

Haley’s endorsement was a sought-after commodity in the South Carolina Republican Primary this year, but once she picked Mitt Romney as her choice, his popularity in the state plummeted and he finished a distant second to Newt Gingrich. Many political observers say that losing South Carolina was the key moment in the process that kept Romney from quickly securing the nomination.

More recently, Haley is reported to have waded into the state senate’s election for a new president pro tempore following Sen. Glenn McConnell’s succession of disgraced Lt. Governor Ken Ard. She entered the fray at a point where her candidate, Sen. Harvey Peeler, was one vote short of opponent Sen. John Courson in the contest to replace McConnell. Haley’s support in hand, Peeler went on to lose by ten votes.

Neither Governor Haley nor Elise Testone could be reached for comment.

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One comment on “American Idol fans beg Haley not to support Elise Testone
  1. Dougal says:

    I really like to watch American Idol since you can usually find some ordinary people with lots of gifted talent in that show. This is a great singing contest that everyone must watch.

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