SC, NH voters search internet for Santorum, intrigued by what they find

by William Moultrie

Charleston, SC – With the photo finish in the Iowa caucus now over, the pressure is now on Republican voters in New Hampshire and South Carolina to choose from the newly re-ordered field of candidates, and many are turning to the internet for more information.

Rick Santorum, messenger of Sodom?

Ray McDeere was a self-described Rick Perry supporter who now finds himself looking for a new candidate to get behind.

“I already know everything I need to know about Mitt Romney and Ron Paul and Newt, but I don’t know anything about Rick Santorum and I wanted to take a closer look,” said McDeere. “I saw his speech last night on TV and then spent a couple hours on the internet searching for more about him. It’s amazing the kind of stuff you can find out there in cyberspace — I can honestly say I really learned some interesting stuff through my research.”

Tammy Hemphill, a Michele Bachmann supporter who is exploring the rest of the field, had a very different experience.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Hemphill, after looking up Santorum on Google. “What the hell is this? Is his campaign a joke or is he actually trying to spread the sodomous gay lifestyle? I can’t believe their running a candidate who shares his name with a mixture that I didn’t know existed until just now. There’s no way I’m voting for him now. I’m probably not going to be able to sleep tonight either. Thanks a lot Rick!”

Even though Romney won the caucus by eight votes, most analysts agree that it was a bigger victory for Santorum, who’s campaign has yet to spill out into the mass media coverage of the race.


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