Nikki Haley creates new jobs – in France

by William Moultrie

Paris, France – Nikki Haley may be feeling the heat back in South Carolina after spending over $127,000 on a seemingly unproductive trip to France, but the French people couldn’t be happier with her performance.

Nikki Haley in France

She's giving the French the 'job' she promised South Carolina

In France, where the average monthly income is hovering at about $2,000 per month, the expenditures of herself and her entourage translate into roughly 63 jobs.

Haley stands by her record of job creation, recently telling radio host Laura Ingraham that “my job is to create jobs and in the end I’m going to have jobs to show for it.”

The French were delighted to receive the financial injection from South Carolina.

“We were surprised and delighted,” said Jean-Luc Depardieu, Minister of Clownerie. “My understanding was that South Carolina is not a wealthy state and has very high unemployment, but for the generous taxpayers of that state to give of their hard-earned money to help us – a country that’s largely recovered from the global economic recession – it’s extraordinary. We don’t really need the money, but thank you anyway South Carolina.”


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