Friendship bracelets bond Carnival, SPA

by Lucile Godbold

Charleston, SC – Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill and the South Carolina States Ports Authority (SPA) Executive Jim Newsome have agreed to exchange friendship bracelets in lieu of local safeguards and standards.

Dear Carnival, RHTS, love SPA

Dear Carnival, RHTS, love SPA

It has been confirmed by SPA public relations executive Byron Miller that the bracelets were in fact homemade, which is truly the best gift any friend can get.

After Carnival recently surprised Alabama officials by pulling out of their port and taking with them the tourism, traffic, congestion, pollution, and commotion, Newsome felt the time had come to ensure the quality of life in Charleston by committing to a true friendship with Cahill.

Newsome said that the bracelets ensure that there will never be more than two ships per week and that Carnival will refrain from dumping within twelve miles of shore. “After all, we talk on the phone once a month. So there is complete and total trust between the South Carolina port and Carnival.”

In response to local groups and organizations, Miller hopes to spread the message of friendship throughout the city by putting one bead for each of the groups on Newsomes and Cahills bracelets. The “Beads for Buddies” campaign hopes to kick off next month, when 4 ships are scheduled to arrive in one week.

“Obviously, friendship bracelets have a place in our cities plans and agreements. And who knows, maybe even replicas of the bracelets will be found in the market, and the sales of these could help the local economy.” Newsome said.

When theDiscust tried to contact Cahill to see how his friendship bracelet was holding up on a recent cruise, he could not be reached for a comment.

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