Joe Wilson forms “Angry Bird” caucus in Congress

by William Moultrie

Washington – There’s a new air of cooperation in the Capitol this week but that isn’t stopping some of the more vocal members from banding together to form their own caucus.

Joe Wilson is one angry bird and he's not ashamed to show it.

Joe Wilson is one angry bird and he's not ashamed to show it.

The  Angry Bird caucus is headed by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) and co-chaired by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN).

“We’re forming this caucus because we’re damned angry,” shouted Wilson. “We’re tired of the lies and the misinformation and we’re mad as hell. You can try to ignore the Angry Bird caucus, but good luck with that.”

Wilson, who notoriously yelled at the president during a Congressional Address in 2009, said the caucus is still recruiting members but he is anticipating a good response.

“There are plenty of Representatives around here who are just as mad as I am, but maybe don’t have the skill set to make their voices heard over the din,” yelled Wilson. “We’re going to have weekly meetings focusing on ways to make their voices heard including vocal training, arm flailing, heckling, and a variety of similar techniques. Next week we’ll be taking a field trip to the DC Improv where we will mercilessly heckle comedian Larry Miller and try to make him cry.”

The Angry Bird caucus was intended to be bipartisan, but the response from across the aisle has been muted.

“They (Democrats) yell all the time,” said Bachmann, who was the first to join with Wilson in the caucus. “I would think they’d be all over this idea but when I went around to the different offices and asked if they wanted to caucus with me, none of them seemed to take it seriously. Maybe it’s just me.”

The Angry Bird caucus is named for the popular game where birds are fired from a slingshot in an effort to kill the pigs that took their eggs.

“It’s a perfect metaphor,” said Wilson. “I’ve never actually played it, but I love the idea.”

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One comment on “Joe Wilson forms “Angry Bird” caucus in Congress
  1. Albert Clay says:

    You gota love the idea, I guess the light came on, “whata concept,” “do what the people want.”

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