Haley on staff raises: “It will trickle down.”

by William Moultrie

Columbia – Newly inaugurated Governor Nikki Haley wasted little time taking action to turn around South Carolina’s economy, with her first act of economic stimulus being to increase salaries of her personal staff.

Money invested in the governor's staff will make it to you eventually.

Money invested in the governor's staff will make it to you eventually.

“It’s simple economics,” said Haley, “and I should know because I’m an accountant. When I pay my chief of staff (Tim Pearson) $27,000 more than his predecessor (Scott English) made then that’s $27,000 more that Tim has to pump into the local economy. That money is going to reach the people in South Carolina who need it, whether they’re working at the gas station, a jewelry store, or even taking tickets at the movie theater.”

“It’s a brilliant plan,” said Clemson economics professor Russ Crowe. “The state can’t raise salaries for people in private companies, but by increasing the amount of money this select group of employees has to spend, you are able to spread that impact around the community.”

“For example,” Crowe continued, “when her communications deputy makes an extra $50,000 or so over his predecessor, the people he does business with might make an extra couple hundred dollars or so over a year, and the people they do business with might make an extra three or four dollars. It branches out exponentially with each level, so that eventually there are thousands of South Carolinians with some extra change in their pockets, and for that, they should thank Governor Haley.”

David Stockman, Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Reagan and considered to be the “father” of trickle-down economics, offered some encouraging words.

“I’m on the record opposing these new ‘trickle down’ gimicks like the Bush tax cuts,” said Stockman, “but I think Haley may be on to something. This is what we were trying to do in the 1980s — put a lot more money in a few people’s hands and then let gravity take over.”

Ironically, Haley is now the third highest-paid staffer in the governor’s office, as her salary is set by law.

“It’s too bad the statehouse limits my salary,” said Haley, ” thereby restricting my ability to personally stimulate the economy by having more money to spend, but we’ve only just begun here. Maybe we can fix that.”

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4 comments on “Haley on staff raises: “It will trickle down.”
  1. Albert Clay says:

    You know, it’s seems silly, and tax breaks we really don’t see, I guess they may as well put it in someones hands, like there own for the trickle process.
    I think the better solution is to find those close to retirement, give them conditional severence package, then they “must” 1st buy an U.S. made car, or pay the one they have off, Buy a house, or pay the one they have off, or refi in a local SC bank, then that stimulates the economy, job levels move up and lower end highering, car companies get a boost, money moves in the finbance market (but thats the problem the banks are empowered and are the direct cause of this current crisses) When financing a car do it through the car companies finance program. Thats the fastest why to stimulate growth, not so called tax cuts that are hardly ever seen, we need to work, and this is the way to do it. So, with that said, her economics is sound, althought I didn’t know it until I wrote this, just that it rubs some the wrong way seeing it go into a politicians hands. Like the Obama administration, when he took office his additional government hirings, the increase alone, exceeds Goodyear Rubbers entire employment staff world-wide

  2. shelly says:

    Hah! interesting that the trickle down theory works when applied to the governor’s office…but appears to be undesirable when applied to things like teacher’s salaries…..

  3. DumDumDog says:

    all the trickel down South Carolina is getting is not green is seems more yellow now …

  4. Sam says:

    what nonsense this man writes

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