The 2010 Discusties: Person of the Year countdown #4 Will Folks

by William Moultrie

Charleston – Mark Sanford may have taken a big slide down this year’s list of people who impacted South Carolina, but his former press secretary/apologist turned antagonist Will Folks has jumped into the mix at number four.

Sanford, Folks, and Haley in happier times. The three seem likely to appear together in book form later this year -- we can't wait.

Sanford, Folks, and Haley in happier times. The three seem likely to appear together in book form later this year -- we can't wait.

This time last year, Nikki Haley was running at the back of the pack for the GOP gubernatorial nomination and Folks’ blog,, was one of the few voices singing her praise. Fast-forward five months and Folks alleged a sexual tryst with the state representative and she suddenly jumped into the lead and subsequently sailed through to the nomination and eventually won the governorship.

Theories about the situation abound, ranging from it being a brilliantly executed conspiracy to manipulate the media and populace through a contrived affair, to a failed attempt by Folks to sabotage Haley’s campaign, to the possibility that he was just telling the truth. Regardless, there’s no doubt that Folks had a major influence on the governor-elect’s election, and whether it was intentional or not, his moment in the sun was more than enough to land him on our countdown in the fourth position.

And all indications are that he’s not done yet. A book is apparently on the way, and one would think that no self-respecting publisher would go to the trouble of cutting down all those trees unless there’s something interesting left out there that we don’t know about. Whether it’s more lurid details about our soon-to-be governor, insider dirt on Governor Sanford, or even an insider look at the ever-dirty political machinations of South Carolina, the book is sure to raise some eyebrows around the state.

Beyond the Haley scandal, Folks and FITSnews have long been near the center of political muck in South Carolina whether they’re breaking stories ahead of (or instead of) the conventional press or playing favorites in contentious inter-party feuds. And of course all of this would be fairly irrelevant were it not for the fact that FITSnews is probably the most-read political blog in the state. Plus he posts pictures of scantily-clad starlets, so bonus points for that.

Will Folks is the blogger everyone has a strong opinion about, but whether you love him, hate him, or (more likely) both, we all pay him plenty of attention. And he loves it.

Will Folks in theDiscust:

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One comment on “The 2010 Discusties: Person of the Year countdown #4 Will Folks
  1. Albert Clay says:

    Folks.. Politics. . ;. Folks exeplifies how politicians think about voters, we have the I.Q. of a bag of hammers. First how crass an allegation and its timliness. He brings together the term dirty poloitics in one statement. It’s better to stay quite and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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