Haley campaign unveils new slogan: “So Transparent You Can See Right Through It”

by William Moultrie

Lexington – With less than 90 days left before the election, Rep. Nikki Haley’s gubernatorial campaign has unveiled a new slogan meant to highlight her ever-present calls for more transparency in state government.

haley-transparent-poster“I really think the new slogan, ‘So Transparent You Can See Right Through It,’ captures the essence of my philosophy on governing,” said Haley. “I plan on running the state government with the same level of transparency I’ve shown on the campaign and in my personal life. I think the people of South Carolina deserve nothing less.”

The campaign staff of Vincent Sheheen, Haley’s Democratic opponent, declined to comment on the record, but an unnamed source said that “we expect that she’s absolutely right, she would be just as transparent and forthcoming with public information as the governor as she has been with her personal financial records as well as her legislative correspondence during this campaign.”

“I’m honestly not sure she knows what ‘transparent’ means,” said noted etymologist Dr. Nota Mountebank, “but I guess if you say something enough it begins to mean whatever you want it to mean, as long as there are people willing to believe you.”

Haley will be embarking on her state-wide “See Right Through Me” tour of the state after Labor Day.

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2 comments on “Haley campaign unveils new slogan: “So Transparent You Can See Right Through It”
  1. Florida Watching says:

    Well sure you can see through it. She likes to invite guys over for lunch …. and then strips naked, wraps herself up in plastic like a sandwich, and asks them if they want a bite.

    Sic Willie bit.
    Larry bit.
    Irish fuzzy face bit and licked

    Sic wouldn’t lick, couldn’t get past all the hair

  2. David says:


    She could be any less transparent if she had lead coursing through her veins.

    Besides, I liked her first campaign slogan, “Vote for me and I’ll have sex with you.” It was much more catchy.

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