SC Baptists weigh in on Haley flap

by Ashley Phosphate

Anderson — Baptist leaders convened in prayer today to ask God to forgive South Carolina’s politicians for any marital “transgressions” they all may have committed.

“Today we ask God to forgive our state’s politicians, most of whom we know to be true to their spouses. But we also know from recent allegations about Nikki Haley that a lot of sex goes on, too,” said Ted Howard, president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

The gathering of key ministers from the state’s 46 counties was organized by Howard. “I had a feeling that as the primary approaches, we as Baptists, needed to ask forgiveness for the improprieties of the candidates so that our members wouldn’t have reservations in voting for them thus paving the way for Democrats to go into November with a stronger base than ours,” he said.

Fears among South Carolina’s largest religious denomination have been swelling since the initial allegations from Will Folks regarding an inappropriate physical relationship with Haley. Those fears were doubled, according to Howard, after the bombshell announcement last week by Larry Marchant formerly of the Bauer campaign, that he and Haley had a one night stand in Utah.

“I couldn’t idly sit by and not offer some spiritual guidance on this important matter. It’s too important to ignore what this would do to the Republican party. Without our asking for forgiveness, the steady release of this information would erode the family values voter’s loyalty to the party,” he said.

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