Palin bets on Haley

by William Moultrie

Columbia – Sarah Palin swept into town today to give her sought-after endorsement to Rep. Nikki Haley (R-Lexington) in the race for the GOP nomination for South Carolina governor.

Nikki Haley and Sarah Palin target the primary

Nikki Haley and Sarah Palin target the primary

“I couldn’t be more excited about endorsing Nikki for Governor,” said Palin as she stepped up the podium. “As a woman who has served much of a term as governor, I can tell you that Nikki Haley will do every bit as good a job for South Carolina as I did for Alaska.”

“Also,” continued Palin, “I think it would be a great step forward for you to elect an Indian-American into such a prominent office. Back in Alaska, we call them American Indians or Native Americans, but however you want to say it, it just shows how diverse and welcoming the Republican party is.”

Speaking to reporters before the rally, Haley was giddy about receiving an endorsement from such a prominent national figure.

“She called me up last week to tell me,” explained Haley, “and I was like ‘oh my god, no way’ and she was like ‘way’ and I was all ‘awesome’ and she was all ‘I know, pretty sweet eh?’ I have to admit, I’d had some private reservations about the burden of being governor, but Sarah convinced me that it wasn’t really that big a deal and I really wouldn’t have to spend much time in the office at all.”

Asked about her first visit to South Carolina, always one of the most important stops for Republicans looking to run for president, Palin responded “I think it’s gorgeous. To be honest, I thought we were going to South Dakota, but what do I know? I also thought Georgia was a country that used to be part of Russia, but I saw a map this afternoon that shows it right there to the north kind of like Russia is right next door to Alaska.”

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