Henry Brown embraces post-Congressional modeling career

by William Moultrie

Hanahan – He’s a sitting Congressman and is running for Berkeley County Supervisor, but that hasn’t stopped Rep. Henry Brown (R-SC1) from pursuing his life-long dream of becoming a male model.

Rep. Henry Brown

Rep. Henry Brown

“Ever since I was a little boy,” said Brown in a statement released by his modeling agency, “I’ve admired the men with the grace and aesthetics to make it in the cut-throat world of male modeling, so when this opportunity came up, I had to jump at it. Don’t worry though, I’m still your workhorse in Congress and I’ll be the best damn Berkeley County Supervisor you’ve ever seen. My promise to my constituents is that when that call comes to do the big show in Paris, I will only do it if it doesn’t conflict with my official duties.”

While his constituents are divided on his impact as a Congressman, they are nearly unanimous in their enthusiasm for his new modeling career.

“I can honestly say he has the most memorable face I’ve ever seen,” said Parker Davy, a retired schoolteacher from Georgetown. “I never cared for his politics, and I jump a little every time that ad with him pops up on my computer screen, but it is memorable, and I guess that’s the mark of good advertising.”

“He’s a natural,” said Blaine Frost, a florist and interior decorator in Garden City. “I saw the ad and I clicked on it immediately… I don’t even remember what they were trying to sell me, but I just had to click. Is everyone getting ads with their own Congressman or is Henry on ads everywhere? Really!? Wow, our little Henry is famous!”

Brown’s agent was unable to provide details of future gigs, but hinted that Brown is being considered for multiple national campaigns including Life Alert, FloMax, and a campaign Safety-First Fire Extinguishers aimed at outdoor fire extinguishing.

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