DeMint returns salary, plans opt-out of Social Security

by William Moultrie

Washington – Senator Jim DeMint announced today that he is returning his Congressional salary, declining all associated benefits, and taking steps to remove himself from other government-backed programs such as Social Security.

Senator Jim DeMint addresses supporters outside his C. Street "Family" residence.

Senator Jim DeMint addresses supporters outside his C. Street "Family" residence.

“After much soul-searching and reflection,” said DeMint, “I have come to the conclusion that I can’t rail against government spending and entitlements and still suckle at the teat that I am battling to eliminate. I urge all my truly patriotic countrymen to do the same.”

DeMint’s annual salary is estimated to be about $170,000, not including health and travel benefits.

“I have been paying into this system my entire life and the money is leaving my wallet and going right into the welfare system, propping up people who are too lazy to take care of themselves,” said DeMint. “I’m tired of supporting those people and I’m not going to do it anymore. I won’t go into the details right now, but I will no longer be paying into Social Security, and I will be expecting a full refund of money I’ve paid into the system. I’m asking all of my fellow patriots to do the same — tear up that Social Security check, turn down that Medicare payment, you’ll be glad you did.”

Analysts are unsure about how he will opt out of Social Security and other Government programs, but there is speculation that there will be a religious element.

“There’s really only one established way to completely opt out of Social Security,” said Dr. Gregory Rongen of the Columbia School of Taxes and Religion, “and that’s to belong to a religious order that objects to the system, such as the Amish or the Mennonites.”

DeMint claims to be a Presbyterian, but there’s speculation that ‘The Family,’ the religious order that subsidizes the living expenses of several congressmen including DeMint, is moving to expand their following into the mainstream and could adopt some anti-entitlement rhetoric into their doctrine.

“You never know what goes on behind closed doors in these private religious communities,” said Rongen, “but DeMint did make a somewhat cryptic statement last week that he was looking forward to the day when ‘all my Tea Party compatriots will be a part of The Family.’ At the time I thought it was just an expression of brotherhood, but today’s announcement makes me think there may be a push to move the Tea Party to become a religious movement in an effort to avoid taxes.”

“The big question,” continued Rongen, “is how DeMint will live without any income. Unless he’s somehow going to claim that if he doesn’t draw a salary that he’s somehow exempt from Congressional ethics rules, in which case, the sky’s the limit.”

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4 comments on “DeMint returns salary, plans opt-out of Social Security
  1. Mike says:

    This is a person with whom I disagree, however he is backing up his principles. Why are some of you so offended by sharing in the burden of this country? This applies to those of you who suck at the government teat and the ones who think they are suppling all the milk. The truth is we all should be concerned with any segment of our society that feels entitled. We should begin to mind the business of our own famlies, and communities . Allow the people who are charitable enough to help with our problems, help. Allow the ones who are so self consumed ,to waller in their favorite charity, themselves! We as a nation must stop tring to govern good will, and charity . I remember a day back when, we taught our children to share, but it never worked when we forced them. We must convince the people of this capitalistic society that it can be profitable to share! I practice this in my life, business and on my website the Positive Share Network
    Love him or hate him you must admire Mr.DeMint for at least serving his cause as an honest broker. Remember to keep your minds open to different ideas, and only make a conclusion after you have the all facts . Sincerely, Michael

  2. Kay says:

    If they chose not to pay taxes, then maybe this would be the beginig of ridding our congress of all the blood sucking parasites of the tax-payers. DeMint is a twisted pathetic excuse for skin anyway like so many others in congress. They look out for themselves and don’t give a squat about the rest of the people of the USA. Just think if our Gov don’t recieve taxes how are we to pay for their salaries and all the other perks they take at our expense

  3. Dale says:

    The scariest part is the ones who believe him are the ones who need social security, and medicare the most. My last trip to hospital cost {so I’m told} over $60,000. I don’t know the actual cost because medicare pick up ever penny.

  4. Alastair says:

    Seems unlikely. What would he have left to be hypocritical about? I mean, besides his other beliefs.

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