Obama hates South Carolina, proves it with NCAA bracket

by William Moultrie

Washington, DC – Barack Obama’s unspoken disdain for South Carolina became apparent on Wednesday with the release of his official NCAA Basketball Tournament picks.BARACK-OBAMA-NCAA-BRACKET-MARCH-MADNESS

Obama, a notorious fan of basketball, didn’t even have the courtesy to make his picks before the play-in game where Winthrop was unceremoniously thrashed by Arkansas-Something-or-other.

“He could have at least picked against us,” said Winthrop senior forward Robert Krause. “We got our automatic bid over a week ago, so the only suspense left for us was whether the president would pick us to win or lose, but he didn’t even bother… I guess we know where we stand now.”

Unfortunately, the state’s other schools didn’t fare much better in thee president’s estimation.

Obama picked Wofford to lose the higher-seeded Wisconsin and Clemson to be upset by lower-seeded Missouri.

“What the hell?” asked Clemson junior Andy Frack “First he wants to socialize medicine and now he wants us to lose? If I was a voting man, which I’m not, I’d seriously consider voting against him.”

Wofford students, players, and staff were unavailable for comment as they convened a special meeting to decide whether the president’s counter-endorsement was a good or bad thing.

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  1. lol, Ellen is so crazy! I love her.

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