Most Americans assume Sen. Bunning is from South Carolina

by William Moultrie

Washington, DC – A Gallop poll gauging public opinion about Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning has returned a surprising result: 65% of Americans think he’s from South Carolina.

Nope, this one's not ours.

Nope, this one's not ours.

The Kentucky Republican shot into the public spotlight last week when he stood alone in the Senate blocking passage of a bill that would provide federal funding for unemployment benefits, highway funds, and a number of other projects. Bunning has been widely criticized not only for holding up the legislation, but for his lack of decorum, including answering a fellow senator’s plea to drop his objections with the simple phrase, “tough shit.”

“People just assume he must be from South Carolina,” said Gallop spokesman Rick Jackson. “Actually, and I’m not going to mention any names, but several of our pollsters thought he was from South Carolina.  You see some southern politician acting like a jackass and you just assume.”

South Carolina has gained fame in recent years for a string of headlines highlighting the words and actions of its politicians, and rarely because of their on-the-job duties.

Jonah Smith, a self-proclaimed “Washington Watcher” said he too thought Bunning was from South Carolina.

“I’m a little ashamed to admit it,” said Smith, “but my first thought was ‘there they go again.’ But then I stopped and thought about it and realized they already had the senator in the ‘C Street’ cult and the senator that keeps getting censured by his own party and last I checked, they only get two senators. So, I guess I should apologize to South Carolina for jumping to conclusions, but hey, can you blame me? It’s an honest mistake.”

In a related matter, as part of that same Gallop poll, Bunning’s popularity in South Carolina has sharply increased and he now has a favorable rating of 75%, much higher than South Carolina’s own Senators DeMint (50%) and Graham (25%).

Bunning is not running for reelection in Kentucky, but won’t rule out moving to South Carolina and running against DeMint, who is up for reelection this year.

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