Trailer tax proposed to balance state budget

by Ashley Phosphate

Beaufort – State legislators gathered today to propose a new strategy in funding the state’s continued budget woes.  The proposal will tax the state’s mobile home dwellers in an effort to meet Governor Sanford’s demand to pay down state debt.

“These trailers are all over the place in this state and we might as well tax them,” said Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell.  The law is expected to arrive on the governor’s desk sometime early next week due to its bi-partisan support.

“I can’t think of a better way right now to end the budget crisis than to do this.  I know I’m normally opposed to raising taxes, but trailer people don’t vote in my precinct,” said Governor Mark Sanford.  His sentiments were echoed by other Republicans present at the meeting.
Democrats were at first leery of the idea, but have since adopted it because 2008 election data showed that trailer people make up less than 1/10th of all actual voters.

“For us,  it was no-brainer.  Trailer taxes are the way to go in a state like ours.  I suspect that after two fiscal years, the trailer tax will be able to fund all the programs we want and produce a surplus,” said Senator Clementa  Pincnkey.  Other members of the Black Caucus agreed.  “It’s high time people in trailers start pulling their weight in this state,” one said.

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