Rep. Joe Wilson enters rehab after outburst

by William Moultrie

Beaufort –
Following his outburst during President Obama’s address to Congress on Wednesday, Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-02) office released a statement announcing that the Congressman would be checking himself into rehab to combat an unspecified “condition.”

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC-02)

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC-02)

TheDiscust has learned that the condition in question is called Non-Involuntary Tourettes Syndrome (NITS). NITS is a growing epidemic in the United States and is characterized by non-subconscious outbursts of slurs and epithets.

During President Obama’s televised address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, Wilson appeared to heckle the president, shouting at one point “you lie” in a voice clearly audible throughout the chamber.

“NITS is a real and growing problem in America,” said Dr. Franz Hawk, speech pathologist at the Medical University of South Carolina. “We’re not sure about the cause, but it seems to be unique to this country and is somehow more common in households with cable television. Treatment for NITS can be a lengthy process since it’s not so much a medical condition as it is a habit.”

The statement from Wilson’s office also stated that while the shouted opinion was “factually correct and try to prove me wrong,” he in no way intended the disrespect of saying it loud enough to be picked up by the television coverage.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” said former Vice President Dick Cheney. “Hell, I told (Sen. from Vermont) Leahy to ‘f**k off’ right down the hall in the Senate chamber. What the hell. Bunch of p*****s.”

When we attempted to contact Wilson’s office, we got his office voicemail with a recording stating that “NOT HERE! CALL LATER A******S!” Residents of the second district say that the message has been the same for several years.

The White House released a statement late Wednesday saying: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Rep. Wilson and his family in this difficult time.”

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99 comments on “Rep. Joe Wilson enters rehab after outburst
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  2. Kati says:

    it will be terrific if you add a translation widget on the blog…

  3. MIKE TORREY says:

    Entered rehab for what? Having shitferbrains and white trash upbringing. F***ing Hillbilly!

  4. Kasey says:

    People….People listen to yourself. Every person in Politics lies. Because the trust of the matter is that the people can not handel the trust. If the trust were to be told it is no way that that person would be elected in to office. Because the trust is: Yes taxes are going to be raised, yes the rich do not care about the poor, white school are not equal and will never be equal to poor black people, the best jobs will be given to my friends frist, bus fare will go up, and on and on and on. That fact is not that a lie was told, but the disrespect that the president was given. I you do not see this as disrespect…Then Joe was right to call out the president, and the President should have walked over to him and slapped the shit out of him. Disrespect is the problem here not if the president was lying or not. They all lies, and the lies are because you can not handle the trust. Joe should step down because he is rude and can not control his mouth. Peace on earth to all is what we should be seeking. If you keep frighting amount yourselves, another country is going to come in and blow all American to Kingdom Come. People remember 911 was real…and other are watching…Keep it up, this is not the time to play games, together is the only way Americans are going to stand. United is going to be Americans down fall. Please people get your act together.

  5. Bored says:

    Actually several news sites posted that Wilson is the one who is WRONG. Furthermore, you people are very naive and exceptionally cute if you think Obama is the first politician to lie (although he was not lying in this case.) You all are very very cute, I’d pat you on the head if I saw you in person. Not one Republican has stated how Wilson is the truth. They are simply having delusions of grandeur in wanting to live vicariously through Wilson and be able to publicly disrespect the President (I am sure this is a bigger fantasy to them than Megan Fox), the way they do with Nazi posters (poor things would not pass a 9th grade history exam and be able to distinguish communism from socialism from totalitarianism etc) calling him a terrorist and other key words they like to use in place of the one that they really ache to say and only do so behind closed doors. We know what word that is…promise. Again, every news site truth checking has stated that Obama was correct—the only outstanding issue is that illegal immigrants ALREADY purchase healthcare right NOW. The fact that so many sources cited that Obama was actually correct and Wilson still claims he is fighting for justice and Republicans are writing/tweeting that they want Palin and Wilson in 2012, not Ginrich, Romney or any other intellectual shows you that they wallow in hate, ignorance and poor education. It is a sad sight to see. Pathetic really. Why would anyone want two ignorant loud mouth clowns over intelligent Republicans to run their party? I wouldn’t want Marion Barry for President over Obama simply because Marion Barry is LOUDER and more ignorant. Grow up Republicans. NOW.

  6. Dwight Brocious says:

    Of course Obama lied. He opens his mouth, he lies. Someone calls him on it, they get attacked. That’s plain and simple.
    Wilson was right. I hope he wins bigtime in his re-election bid!
    This is no worse then what the dems did during the republican revolution in the 90′s. I remeber george Miller (rep california) calling Tom Delay a fascist or booing Bush during his 2 terms.
    I remember Al Gore, Sen. redi, the late Teddy kennedy, John Murtha, nancy (bug-eyed) Polosi insulting our troops and the stop healthcare people and President Bush. Please, let’s not cry crocidile tears for this left-wing socilist we have in office! Go Joe. Don’t cave. Say screw you to Polosi and her minions and lap dog media! Boo Hooo for the bamster. THE TRUTH HURTS!

  7. lagaresh says:

    Wow!! what a country!!! Some people are putting the blame on President Obama for Joe “Heckler” Wilson lack of civility and lack of respect for our Democracy.

  8. chris says:

    To all of you who say that Pres. Obama lied in his address, please point out to me the sections in any of the health care bills that are currently in committee that substantiate Rep. Wilson’s claims. When you do, I will admit that Pres. Obama was wrong. Be that as it may, you may hate the President with all your heart BUT he did win the election and some people like me would like to hear what he says without people shouting him down. For God’s sake, are we not supposed to be a civilized society?

  9. RHunter says:

    stevder…….learn how to spell!

  10. howard says:

    Me thinks a lot of whining and gall grabbing going on here, Denise, grow up, sure the out burst is out of character and emotional and definitely out of place, but it happened. Mike in Houston, I’ve been to Houston and SC, pretty much the same picture at both, just the folks in SC aren’t as full of themselves as some in your neighborhood. Look Denise, you are really spouting off recent history, especially blaming Bush for the economy, the one simplest explanation for this economy is housing, and the practice of allowing those that could not afford to purchase the SIZE of homes that they got with no money down and a few years of low payments lands squarely on an old admired person of mine Henry Cisneros and his boss Senor Clinton and allowing HUD to develop guidelines for federally backed mortgages to open the market up for home purchases to those that they knew would have problems meeting their payment obligations. This scenario was put off by the low payment turning into a re-fi or balloon note later in the contract, kinda pushed it into someone else’s time in office, hmmmm. Well, it is well documented that the Bush Admin. did call on Congress to look at the impending disaster, remember that? The Congress just happened to be in Democratic control after Repubs had lost seats in last election, well, our dear dear Barney Frank (bankmaster) and Dems bow up and say, “Hey, nothing wrong here!! Nothing needs to be changed.”, they controlled the committee that would set an investigation in motion, and look at that, the head of Freddie and Fannie get huge multi-million dollar bonus’s and that’s OK, but lord help someone in a non federally funded operation get something like that, we call that Private Business by the way! You see, what you hear from your news source is not always the full story, and in the last few years even the real story, just a manipulation of words, Yep just like President Obama says, “Just Words!” never mind what they tell you, it’s just words. Don’t bother to seek other sources or even some more reliable formats for information, just keep on believing what you hear. You see, all Joe Wilson said was a few words, just words, did he mean it? You bet he did!! Now you call him a racists, do you know anything else about him to make your accusation? I did not see any! To be a racist, I would think he would have to have said something like, “You’re a lying low down black sob!” Now that would have definitely been a racist statement. I have another question for those of you who who think this man violated all decorum, what about the time that George H.W. Bush was speaking to the joint session and he got booed and it was a longer more drawn out affair than “You lie!” Tell me that you recall this, and that it upset you! I didn’t think so. Now, I’m sure you will not admit it but more than likely can you be just as adamant about your views and fit right into that segment of folks that you have accused Joe Wilson of being, just a different outlook, could you be a racist? No way, I’m sure the answer is. Well, I do not view myself as a racist either, although I’m sure I have probably said something that could be interpreted as such cause I have probably called a Mexican (U.S. citizen type) a liar before, I mean as many times as we have been together watching sports or playing softball, drinking beer etc. together, I’m confident I would have called them a liar or something worse, just never realized I was being a racist. But on the other hand when they called me (black guys too) gringo, cracker, honkey, sob,f’er,ahole,liar, or any other number of things, I never interpreted that as being racist toward me and I don’t think my different skin color brothers ever meant their comments to be either. I think you have taken Liar way too far!!Reading your comments, I sense a lot of anger and a venomous lashing out to punish those with a different view, I just hope some of you let the red glow die from your eyes and ears enough to at least take the time to poke around some of the other views and really listen to what is being said, and not assume it is just words. By the way, the bill does say it is not for non U.S. citizens, but it has no mechanism for identifying those in the program as citizens, that is a quote from U.S. Senator John Cornyn and he did add that he would love to seriously have a bi-partisan bill if the Repubs were allowed to participate. Did you know that the Repubs last opportunity to contribute to Health Care reform was in June if I recall correctly, regardless, way too long ago to be effective and true bi-partisanism. If you are in control of the senat or house, you have the authority to keep the other party out of the committee discussions and formation of the bills in the committee. Did you realize that?
    By the way, I’m Proud of Joe Wilson for speaking out, of course he could have waited til today, and he would not have gotten any press coverage if he had called President Obama a liar today and you guys probably would never have heard about it. It is called Media Bias, you should check it out some time with an open honest heart and mind. Nuffs Enuf! thanks for your time!!

  11. Bill says:


  12. Julieah says:

    Joe Wilson and other habitual liars in GOP politics and in the media are so accustomed to lies, some so ridculous I’d think a child came up with the lie, that I’m sure it’s difficult for them to recognize the truth.

    Per Dick Cheney,
    ““I don’t see what the big deal is,” said former Vice President Dick Cheney. “Hell, I told (Sen. from Vermont) Leahy to ‘f**k off’ right down the hall in the Senate chamber. What the hell. Bunch of p*****s.”

    (Mr. Cheney has been a TERRIBLE representative for the U.S. and he causes damage everywhere he goes and opens his bitter mouth. He’s trying to re-write history but he won’t succeed)

    So Mr. Wilson, as far as GOP leaders go you’re in good company with habitual liars. If the B.S. that comes out of Cheney is simular to your thinking, do ALL Americans a favor and resign asap.

    The nastiness and lies, some absolutely ridiculous, are typical of how the GOP acts when losing an election. They don’t care a bit about what the majority of the People want as demonstrated by Cheney’s statement when asked about the majority of Americans disagreeing with his war, he so maturely answered, “SO!”

    This is precisely how Republicans feel about average Americans and they don’t represent the People ~ they just pretend to during campaigns.

    My advice to any conservative who makes under $250,000 per year and supports the GOP is to get VERY familiar with organizations like and then you will see who the real liars are. The GOP is the party that only cares about the wealthy and corporations. It’s a conflict of interest for them to represent the people too so it’s beyond me why low income citizens even consider voting republican!

    When election time comes around, a quick check for factual content is very helpful since many politicians lie as if it’s regular policy. I guess it is.

    Mr. Wilson is so entrenched in GOP Dogma that he doesn’t even know when he’s lying! Good Luck to Folks in S.C. and I hope you have an honest representative after the next election.

    If you like the distract and confuse approach to Politics, I guess Mr. Wilson is your guy!!!

    It’s too bad some Politician’s still believe Americans don’t deserve or need the truth. I guess it’s just another method of obstruction. Republican’s specialize in obstruction and making sure average people don’t get what they need in this country. Anytime you try to help average citizens, the idea doesn’t fly with the GOP since it could hurt thier corporate sponsers.

    Mr. Wilson, you’ve embarrassed this whole country with your RUDE and DISHONEST outburst. I shudder to think what sleezy tactics the GOP will use next since it get’s incredibly ugly when the GOP doesn’t get their way.

    Signed, a citizen who’s quite glad Mr. Wilson doesn’t represent my state!!

  13. Bill says:

    Lets get this right, Its ok for Democrats to heckle Bush when he stated that we need to fix Social Security but when Obama stated that no illeagal imigrant would get free insurance coverage he gets heckled. hmmmm. How about “He lied and they Died” how long did we hear that stupid comment from the left. Its ok to cover a war protest but when you have real tax paying citizens show up for a townhall meeting with their elected official its not worth covering. hmmmmmm. So much hypocracy in this adminstration and Newsweek’s reporting of fact, which of course is not facts. Just ideological opinions.

  14. Marty Carpenter says:

    Rep. Joe Wilson spoke the truth and that is what irks the Dems. Harr y Reid and Nancy Pelosi havve said worse about Presidnet Bush. Why two standards, one for the messiah and one for the Republicans?

  15. Steve says:

    I think the American people are his boss.

  16. Ada says:

    What a disgrace! It doesn’t matter if it was the president or not; there is just a certain amount of respesct that is due anyone. How can we teach our children when adults carry on like children themselves. Yes I’m white and I was embrassed. My 10 year said to me, Mommy did hear what someone said to the president? In the near the future WATCH your MOUTH.

  17. stevder says:

    This is for all those who say no illigal wil get medical care. WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM???? The local clinic and hosp. do treat illigals, they use forged SS numbers and other fake document to get care. They use their LEGAL kids and their medical cards to receive it. I’ve spoken to Drs and nures who say by the time it takes to proccess the claims the care is given and since they have no recourse we get the bill.
    Tell you what, give me your address so you can pay the bill since your so sure they don’t get it now. OK????

  18. Tanya says:

    Also for the foolish opinions that what Joe did was right. Go to work tomorrow and call your co-worker or boss a liar. What do you think will happen? Not sure… Do it anyway b/c Joe was completely right….. What I can guarantee is that after you follow the lead og MIGHTY JOE, you and your family will be begging for the health care reform….. The intelligences of small minded people.

  19. samhouston says:

    Just another typical GOPER that loves to let mouth overload their a__!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. South Carolina has the most ignorant people in the country. This outbust shows that the racists are leading the ignorant of that state. We need to have a list of every company and idustry in that state and boycott those companies and industries until they are forced to close. The state needs to open mental hospitals and put Wilson and his cohorts in there until they are deemed suitable to return to society. If being a RACIST is so great, why doesn’t anyone want to be called a RACIST. You Carolina people need to stop teaching RACISM to your children. The vessel (your children) will burn up with the acid that is RACISM.

  21. Tanya says:

    It’s okay. Wish he stay in rehab b/c he will be out of office as soon as SC elections come around. Vote ROB MILLER!!!!!!ROB MILLER!!!!!!ROB MILLER!!!!! If anyone really want a change encourage and support his opponent. I live in Virgina and I’m going to do all I can to help boot that”racist” out of office. Let’s band together a true American to stop racism and promote growth.

  22. Debbie Robberson says:

    Go Joe!!! I too am from another state but after sitting through some of the town hall speeches by LYING representatives and senators, I know exactly how you felt. You just had to get it out, just like the rest of us who were screaming it at our television sets. Thank you for your honesty, which is alot more than I can thank The President for. Having said all that, it probably was not very respectful, but what the heck, The President doesn’t respect you or us, so why should we respect him and his cronies. Before someone says that you should always respect The President, let me say that I have and always will have respect for the Office of the President, but not always for the man that fills the post.

  23. Bob in Cleveland says:

    I am a 62-yr old veteran who was planning to retire and buy a home in the LowCountry of South Carolina. We changed our minds, and we’re heading for the desert in Tucson… yep, McCain country…

    You know what changed my mind?????
    Ignorant racist crackers like Joe Wilson, who think it’s still 1958.

    Y’all can fly your nasty flag and even secede from the Union, for all I care… Until you remove the two-faced bigots from the State House, and from your Senate and House seats, a lot more folks like me will be heading ANYWHERE BUT SOUTH CAROLINA.

    Shame on you !!

  24. Denis says:

    Mr. Wilson, I, too, have gotten into trouble when I inadvertently shouted out at a meeting, but sometimes it becomes impossible to hold one’s tongue when one hears so much drivel as you were hearing last night.Do not even consider resigning from your position. Good luck to you. The country needs more people like you to call to task those who so artistically bend the truth.

  25. I'm Here! says:

    News Flash!!! Rep. Wilson, R-NC, feeling remorse, attempted suicide this afternoon. Shot himself in the head three time, but missed any vital organs.

  26. Truth says:

    Jack Warren is comparing Joe Wilson to Jesus Christ. Jack you are an idiot.

  27. chats says:

    nice line joe, my girlfriend and i are going to sell out here in new york, and move to your area. so keep up the good work and see you soon.

  28. Zorro says:

    Joe’s sheet was showing.

  29. Some are referring to “respect”. Where is the respect the President of the United States should be showing? He owes his country the truth and to support the Constitution of the United States. Any qualified President should not need to have czars!! Presidents of the past was intelligent enough to know how to use the staff in office. He is insulting the House as well as the citizens of this great country.
    ONE MUST EARN RESPECT TO RECEIVE IT. My father taught us that as children, and it still applies to this day.

  30. Truth says:

    Joe Wilson does not have Tourettes he’s got stupidity and there is no cure. Resign.

  31. Vic says:

    Way to go Joe, nothing wrong with “calling out” the lieing bastard just like he threatened to “call out” anyone who talked against his ridiculous health care bill. In that very speech he called Palin and the American people liars. You keep up the GOOG work and be proud that you have the balls to say what we are all thinking. Good luck and my best to you.

  32. PETER says:

    Thank you Joe! Enough of the smoke and mirrors that was behind the podium.

  33. Former Republican says:

    I am ashamed of Joe Wilson. He should step down. This incident was very unprofessional and another embarassment for the party I once admired.

  34. cutter says:

    Well, Joe I guess you will learn to keep your mouth shut when the President speaks from now on. Your career is over and I’m so happy for you. YOU LIE!! HAHA What an idiot you must be. Amazing that this clown (JOE WILSON) found out he had Tourettes right after the outburst. Joe Wilson I think YOU LIE and your using tourettes to try and salvage your career. He aint got tourettes he’s got stupidity and there is no cure. I am ashamed to be a Republican.

  35. Sally says:

    I am happy to say I switched parties from the party of MEAN to the party who actually cares about people besides themselves. Joe Wilson’s behavior is a perfect example of why the Republican party has earned the title of being the MEAN peoples party. We are on this earth to learn to care for one another and Republicans seem to be unconscious slow learners. All people have a right to healthcare. Even those who can’t afford it. Thank goodness President Obama is a leader who GETS it! Vote the plan in Democrats!

  36. bobco says:

    It’s a truly sad state of affairs when people state their defense for someone accusing the elected President of the United States of America of being a liar on the Congressional floor during a speech. President Obama was elected in a free election. Let’s not stoop to the level of acting like those oppressed people who have to rely on heckling a speaker in order to be heard. And let’s not stoop to that same shameful level to defend such a sad individual.

  37. Tom Mongillo says:

    If I was in the room I would have shouted louder than Joe.Obama and his crew, Tim the tax cheat, Hillary the anti Christ, Mr. Jones the communist should all be hung for treason.
    I served my country as an Army Ranger in Viet Nam and take my citizenship very seriously.
    WAKE UP AMERICA and shout as loud as you can for our country and vote these radicals out of office.

  38. Dave says:

    Maybe he is a plant like Joe the Plumber!

  39. SC'er says:

    Just wondering what Obama lies we’re all talking about? Everywhere I’ve read, illegal immigrants won’t be insured with the bill. So, maybe our Presidents should answer congressional inquiries more often. But if Obama is telling the truth, it just makes SC look rude and stupid.

  40. JuliA says:

    Great Job Joe… I yell liar all the time at the TV when I watch Obama. I’ll send you campaign $ too.

  41. v.garland says:

    Rep.Wilson’s calling the President of the United States a “liar”
    not only was it disrespectful, it was down right racist, which
    seems to eat away at many people like a cancer. Sooner or later
    it will destroy you. Hatred, how sad. But gone are the days when hatred and digotry burned cross’s, hung black men and women. There is a new generation that WILL NOT tolerate it!

  42. DON SWEZEY says:

    It is amazing to me that these right wingnuts wouldn’t be able to see the truth if it was stenciled on their foreheads. This is the first president in a while that has cared about the people in this country and is trying to do something for them. Doesn’t it bother these folks that he stands to gain not one cent by pushing this bill and his critics are well supplied with cash by the insurance companies. Haven’t they figured out that the insurance companies have only wanted to insure you as long as it is profitable and when that is no longer so, they will drop you.

  43. Rhae Stanley says:

    Joe Wilson, should be hung !!!!! to disrespect the highest office in the land. Does he call his mother LIAR ???????

  44. Leo Alvarez says:

    Way to go Joe. You can speak well for all of Us Texans. Do what is right and call it like it is. Were any Kin Folk of yours were at the Alamo??

  45. G Klein says:

    It is without question men like you who show the youth of this great country how stupid lawmakers are. Shame on you for the lies you are telling. No where is the Health Care Reform bill does it STATE THAT ILLIGAL IMMIGRANTS WILL BE COVERED. Get a grip Republicians lost the election and are promoting Race hate and using fear on every issue. Enough is enough, pehaps it is time for a change in your state. Go to rehab, that is a big joke.

  46. Jim Ryan says:

    Don Reilley sumed it up.

  47. Jim says:

    Could this be the first lie from congress? Wonder if someone else might lie. A big question has Joe Wilson ever lied? Joe took lie’s into the open.
    Who hasn’t, let them be the first to cast a stone.

  48. Jim says:

    Could this be the first lie from congress? Wonder if someone might lie. The big question has Joe Wilson ever lied? Joe brought it into the open.
    Who hasn’t, let them be the first to cast a stone.

  49. Mike says:

    Go Joe, glad someone can tell the truth in Washington DC.
    Because you didn’t hear the truth from Obama last night.

  50. Screamindemon says:

    Great job Joe, always tell the truth and never apologize for it. Oh, and did you like Polosi and her Puppets??

  51. Brenda says:

    Go Joe!!! I am so glad someone is speaking out! Heaven forbid anyone speak against the annointed one! Now they are painting you as a bigot. Imagine that! Disagree with “him” and you are immediately racist or bigotted. I am from SC and I am very proud of you! Keep up the good work. Too bad you were forced to apologize, you only spoke the truth!

  52. Larry says:

    I am glad a Republican has the balls to say something, I don’t live in the same state but will be sending him money, Everything King Obama says is a lie, Let’s not forget all the nice things Obama and his dead heads have called the Republicans and our soldiers

  53. J.D. says:

    It is incredible!

    At this time, if GOP’s had any dignity then they would feel “ashamed & embarrASSed”. The Joe is not interested in Section 246 which makes payment for illegal aliens “unlawful” and shows like many biased commentors above that his apology (for his outburst done in very poor taste) is not sincere . But, still the President is a gentlemen and accepted the apology (what does that tell you about each). Now, rumor & McCarthy style fear-tactics carry more weight than the Section 246 part of the bill.

    It’s unbelievable that comments above by Joe Scrocca, Susan & Stephanie talk up emotion around lies “its not the time to quit Joe”, no disrespect in telling the truth Joe”. Instead of reading Section 246 maybe the congressmen was watching porn (like the Govenor). Maybe his outburst should be to the SC Govenor (not the President.

    Where was Joe when Bush was President ruining the economy that we today inherited, Job losses, Home foreclosures, delinquencies, stock market wealth lost, runaway Health care inflation, Gov deficits while giving Exxon oil tax breaks (when Oil is $150/barrel). WTF?

    Maybe when Joe Scrocca referred to lies he was actually referring to the weapons of mass destruction to enter a $1Billion/month Iraqi war financed by our tax payments to the IRS (not Exxon Mobil).

    The comments by Jack Gaines above like Joe-Blows are pure racism. What does he mean by “keeping our President on a short leash”.
    I am sure Susan above could not imagine this happening to Ronald Reagan! The last two balance budgets were Clinton and Kennedy but Regan started the runaway deficits along with tax cuts to spend our way out of recession.

    Most of the commentors above like Janice, Al_Idaho, Wayne Thompson and Vinne P are not interested in Section 246 (the truth). So, I am just calling these real liars on-the-carpet, just as our President does. It is very sad for America that although the American people spoke by a “landslide” last November, the McLame’s and GOP are still sore losers which has blinded them from doing what is in America’s best interests.

  54. sid says:

    Is “WAYNE THOMPSON (Flipper)” actually going to contribute money or is he just running off at the mouth (like Wilson)?

  55. cashallman says:

    How does calling someone a liar make them a racist? because the man he called a liar is a minority ? I don’t get it Denise. This racism crap is getting way out of hand. You don’t agree with the administration and your a racist, weak… Why don’t you try something a little more creative.

  56. Janice Soule says:

    I don’t buy it… Rehap??? The only “condition” Rep. Joe Wilson has is a very large foot in his mouth. The citizens of this country needs to stand-by our President…..

  57. Gary says:

    Way too go Joe! Thanks for saying out loud what many folks have been thinking, and saying it at the right place and at the right time. Anyone ever watch the proceedings in the British House of Commons? Obama needs to be called out. Now if we just had some politicians with Big Boy pants on that would do more of it.

  58. Jack Warren says:

    Rep. Wilson: You tell the truth and you are crucified; kinda reminds me of some one else in past history.

    You should never have ‘ apologized ‘ to the ” liar ” !!!!

    You are great Congressman, sure wish were more like you, and
    there will after the 2010 election.

  59. Wink says:

    JOE…..You are a true American, and very accurate in that the President has and continues to tell untruths to the great people of our great nation…..We all deserve better…..Your opology is in order, only because of the forum in which it was said…..That being said, some bloggers have called you a racists and other things, and have asked for you to resign…..Please do not consider any more than what you have already and quickly done……The President himself is a racist and has a great deal of trouble with staying truthful. We also have politions on the left who feel they can do any wrongful act they wish and not feel the need to resign….The Polls are showing Americans true feelings about the wonderful changes that our President is shoving down our throats….We need to respect all of the hard work that our forefathers have done for this great country and put a stop to the misdirection of our current leaders……Our childern and grandchildren and we deserve much better…..OBAMA must stop blaming Bush and everyone else, and yank his head to reality……May we great Americans, wether Democrates, Republicans, Liberals, Moderates, Conservatives, Independents, whom ever, all band together for the benefit and future of our great country……May God bless us all and and may God bless America…..

  60. Snake Jenkins says:

    Obama is a liar. If insurance companies cannot discriminate agaisnt pre-existing conditions, then premiums will go through the roof! If you go to apply for insurance with liukema, sure you’ll get a policy, but your premium will be THOUSANDS a month. When people can’t get these policies they will be forced onto public care which means HUGE premiums for ALL. Have fun paying $6000 monthly premiums because of this bill.

  61. Reg Bird says:

    I am 70 and have seen my generation become very disrespectfull, please, we can do better, No one gains by hecklein or shouting at other people. Remmember: God bless America.

  62. manthony says:

    Have some respect.

  63. Mike in Houston says:

    Hey…I go to South Carolina all the time…They are all racists, uneducated, and most of them marry their own sisters !

  64. JIM BROWN says:

    HURRAH FOR THE GREAT JOE WILSON FROM SC!! Sounds like he British Parliament. Obama was and is lying so why not just stand up and tell him! For Emmanuel to threaten him after the speech is deplorable. We have Chicago Socialist/Marxist gang politics being praticed by Obama and his crowd and Rep Wilson just made the statement I myself would certainly like to say to Obama personally!
    So, it’s never been done what? I live in AL but if I lived in SC Rep Wilson would certainly get my vote!! Stay the course Rep Wilson!!

  65. stopman says:

    liberalism is a mental disease, with absence of rational thought.

  66. jerry gayle says:

    Joe Wilson was right to call obama a liar. Obama should be the one to go into rehab. I applaud Joe Wilson. I think Obama should be impeached and his whole crew thrown out of office for breaching the constitution.

  67. Don says:

    FINALLY, a politican not afraid to say the truth. Obummer does lie and any of those that don’t believe it are just toooo lazy to verify it for yourself, so you just sit there and wait on your welfare check!

  68. Gary Barnbaum says:

    There were two kinds of people in the chamber last night. 1. Those who cared for the country and it’s people. They were the one’s who stood up and applauded at the right time, and; 2. Those who do not care about others. They sat there in a trance, texting on their Blackberry’s, or shouting out like moron’s. No wonder he’s going to rehab, but how do you rehab an idiot.

  69. Larry Kiesel says:

    Respect is something that the Republicans seem to have lost. It is very appalling that someone who’s hate is at such a level that he has to disrespect our President in public. It doesn’t seem enough to blatantly lie as a basic policy of the Republicans to kill the health reform for the little people. Let them give up their health care and buys it themselves and see what some people have to go through. Disgusting, and blaming it on Tourettes is so transparent that is a lie also. He should resign and go into something more in keeping with his attitude like TV wrestling.

  70. KR - R WA says:

    SHAME ON YOU Mr. Wilson. You are an embarrassment to OUR party. The damage you have done with regards to the focused effort by the Republican Party on getting a sensible health care bill through this congress is irreparable. Instead of high-lighting sensible ideas brought forth from OUR party we now have to deal with the media’s asinine coverage of your lack of civility and buffoonery. SHAME ON YOU JOE WILSON.

  71. Gary Barnbaum says:

    There were two kinds of people in the chamber last night. 1. Those who cared for the country and it’s people. The were the one’s who stood up and applauded at the right time, and; 2. Those who do not care about others. They sat there in a trance, texting on their Blackberry’s, or shouting out like moron’s. No wonder he’s going to rehab, but how do you rehab an idiot.

  72. Nick says:

    The greatest part of the entire thing is that this is one of the few things explicitly excluded in the bill. You guys eventually have to realize that the rest of America is smart enough to look at the facts. The more you lie the more you sound like someone from Iran.

  73. GARY CRAWFORD says:


  74. Sue says:

    Shame Shame… where is the respect for our president?? Personally I trust Obama, have faith in him and I will wait for this bill to pass, let the man to his thing.

  75. GARY CRAWFORD says:


  76. Dorothy Corley says:

    This congressman is the poster person for the Republican party. They seem to forget that when point your finger at someone else, four are pointing back at you. I do not think his apology is legitimate.

    We know who the real Death Squads are: The Republicans. They support insurance companies who injure and murder people by denying coverage for illness. These people have paid high premium for their insurance policies. They do not want doctors to pay insurance for injurying and killing people. They do not want their constituents who have lost their jobs to have health coverage. They say their are anti abortionists but vote for policies that deny these children health coverage and even the basic needs for a healthy productive life. They voted for the Medicare Advantage plans which are run by private insurance companies. These companies are denying elderly people of medical care and Medicare is not free. In fact some of the Advantage plans charge higher premiums than regular Medicare.


  77. JOHN says:

    Joe, were you drunk ?

  78. Janice Gregory says:

    He should not have yelled out as he did.

    But, I too believe that the statement is untrue.

    Anytime they tell me the government will be starting something new up…and it will not cost me anything….well, I’ll have to call you a LIAR.

  79. Al_Idaho says:

    “You lie!” seems very accurate to me. Isn’t this in fact true?

  80. NOBODY is a bigger liar than George Bush and His cronies!

    that is why this dipshit entered rehab! a big UCK u to the repigulicans!

  81. WAYNE THOMPSON (Flipper) says:

    You know I was so thrilled that Joe Wilson made a truthful comment and name Osama for what he is I am going to send rep. wilson a sizable comtribution for his efforts. And if others will do the same I will send them a contribution also. There is nothing wrong with the truth and free speech.

  82. Vinnie P says:

    Go Joe!!

    Continue to “SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER”!!! (remember that line…code pinkers.. LOL)


  83. lucy says:

    glad he’s not from georgia, we have enought asses as it goes.

  84. Jeff McCleave says:

    His entering rehab is just a ploy to save is sorry butt!

  85. NHVet says:

    GOP Summary:

    Rush Limbaugh, Convicted Drug Addict

    Glen Beck, Alcoholic

    Sarah Palin, QUITTER

    Joe Wilson, IGNORANT

  86. jack gaines says:





  87. Stephanie says:

    I have never been so proud to be a North Carolinian because it’s next to the state that voted for a man as brave as Joe Wilson. Don’t apologize, Joe, its about time one of you in Washington stood up and spoke the truth!

  88. Denise says:

    Wilson’s comments were ignorant, racist, and a clear insight of the jealousy and disrespect the Republican party has for President Obama. Clearly the President was trying to aleve the misguided fears this party has and continues to spread in their “playground” antics for the past decade or so. Common sense however is an equalizer and prevails even with the least educated. No one really believes the (any adverb or noun will do here) trash put out by them. As for his cohort from Lousiana who also disagreed with the President, remember, he is from the same party who watched and did nothing during Hurricane Katrina. Who would believe him either, even if he is a doctor or congressman? Please!

  89. diogenes says:

    If “Aikenitein the west” is correct they will be selling Joe Wilson T-Shirts to millions who were duped. So Patty I would not call for Obama to resign until he is proven wrong by that first Illegal getting free health care

  90. Susan says:

    Great Job Rep. Wilson!!! It’s not time to keep quiet….It’s time to speak out! You said what the American people have been saying all summer long. Let Freedom ring!

  91. Aikenitein the west says:

    Hi Gus, You are only half correct. If you look also at the legislation, it also says you can not check the status of a patient to see if they are undocumented, so the result in the end, like the current situation in California, illegal patients are and will be served and not pay a penny back into the system. You have to read the whole legislation and look at the result. So you can not have it both ways.

    Aikenite in the West

  92. South Carolinian Once Removed says:

    Seems Rep. Wilson received his training in the British Parliament (or a town hall meeting).

  93. patty says:

    What a rude ignorant person.Do a favor to our country and resign
    and go to the next frat party that needs an idiot

  94. mary Pitts says:

    Congressman Wilson

  95. joe scrocca says:

    BRAVO Mr. Wilson. The truth is not disrespectful. Our country needs more people like you who have the guts to express what the majority of Americans believe. We are all sick and tired of the lies and misrepresentations of this most criminal of administrations in the history of the presidency. Again, BRAVO!!!

  96. Don Reilly says:

    Republicans have shown again and again and again that they are mean, hypocrites and self-centered ignorant people.
    Here you go
    Love to be independent.

  97. Jack says:

    Joe Wilson will pay a heavy political price for his stupidity. He brings shame to the GOP. Apologize and resign!

  98. Gus says:

    I respectfully would like to express how disappointed I am on Rep. Wilson display of uncivil outburst he had towards our president. Although I do respect Rep. Wilson’s right to show any disagreement towards the President’s Health Plan, his choice of words as well as the place and time he chose to make them where unbecoming from a gentleman who is a member of congress. What saddens me the most is to see that he called our president a liar on national television without even having the facts straight. Section 246 provides in relevant part that “NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS. Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.” Rep Wilson should do more than apologize; an honorable man is expected to come clean and present the facts as they are.

  99. Hello. I was reading someone elses blog and saw you on their blogroll. Would you be interested in exchanging blog roll links? If so, feel free to email me.


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