4th graders attack teacher over Obama speech

by Ashley Phosphate

Goose Creek – A group of students attacked their teacher Friday after she said her class would view President Obama’s address to the nation’s school children.

“It was the scariest moment in my career,” said the teacher, who wished to remain anonymous.

Parents of the Devon Forest Elementary School supported their children and vowed to fight the principal’s decision to suspend the children.

“They stopped our kids’ freedom of speech.  That proves they [the kids] were right all along,” said Darren McClatchey a parent of one of the students.  “I’ll take this case to the courts; I’ll probably lose due to the Carter and Clinton liberals on the bench, but I’m going to tie this school up in litigation until a Republican president is in the White House again,” he said.

Friday afternoon the teacher announced that during the upcoming week in their social studies class they would view the President’s address and have a discussion related to its theme of working hard in school.  That’s when three of the children stood up, according to their classmates, and began taunting the teacher.

“They called her a liberal wacko and started throwing erasers from their desks at her.  I don’t know what a liberal wacko even is,” said one student in a Goose Creek Police report.

The report went on to lay out a chronology of the events:  after the initial name-calling and eraser-throwing, the three students began to encourage their classmates to join them in stopping the “liberal” [their teacher] from controlling their minds.  At least nine more children then joined the taunting.  As more erasers were thrown, the three initial students pushed their teacher aside and wrote on the classroom’s dry eraser board a series of statements such as “Obama Must Go,” “You Suck, Dear Leader,” “Healthcare = Hitlercare,” etc.

During the fracas the teacher tried to get help from colleagues but was prevented from doing so by the students.  She attempted to call the front office with her emergency key, but the shouting of the students prevented her from giving details about the severity of the situation.  Several assistant principals pushed through the door and tried to help restore order.  Only after police arrived were the students finally removed from the room.

“We’re going to have to rethink our social studies curriculum.  I just can’t risk another incident like this at my school,” said the principal.

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3 comments on “4th graders attack teacher over Obama speech
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  2. Jane Weatherall says:

    oh, man you got me. I dont know how I got linked to your site, and I didnt pay close attention to other articles contained here. I believed the story above until I tried to google other sources to find out if this was a story taken out of context, or grossly blown out of proportion. Only when I couldnt find the story in any other source did I return and realize your site is parody…Funny Stuff!You really had me fretting for our futures. (Now I am glad I didnt submit that comment under my REAL NAME!!

  3. Jane Weatherall says:

    HOLY CRAP!…what is wrong with these parents who are backing up their out of control hooligans? They were not exercising their freedom of speech, they were inciting a RIOT…With parents like this raising the next generation, we are DOOMED!

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