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SC lawmaker introduces bill allowing schoolchildren to carry guns


Following last week’s massacre of 20 children and seven adults in a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school, a South Carolina lawmaker says he has a plan to end school violence once and for all — by arming the schoolchildren.

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Haley cites questionable record as governor in not appointing herself to Senate


Following the Sen. Jim DeMint’s unexpected retirement, pundits immediately began to speculate that South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley would appoint herself to the seat, but Haley has officially announced she will not be doing that.

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Breaking: Haley to replace DeMint with Mark Sanford


Political observers were shocked Thursday morning when they learned that Senator Jim DeMint was resigning his seat, but Governor Nikki Haley has upped the ante by suggesting she might name former Governor Mark Sanford to replace him.

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Conservatives outraged about Romney’s 2011 tax returns, say he overpaid


As promised, Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns today showing he paid an effective rate of about 14% on his earnings. While the release was met with eye-rolling from the left, conservatives are outraged that the candidate appears to have significantly overpaid his taxes.

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Hacked Romney tax file unlocked, contents revealed, shockers aplenty


Rumors of Mitt Romney’s pilfered tax returns spread around the internet like wildfire this week, with nobody able to conclusively prove that it actually happened, until now. Our network of hackers has provided us with the encrypted file containing Romney’s past ten years of tax returns and we have managed to break the encryption.

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Gov. Haley officially relocates press operation to Post & Courier offices


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has never had a problem picking favorites in the media, but on Wednesday she formalized her cozy arrangement with Charleston’s Post and Courier.

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DeMint: Space turns astronauts gay, time to defund NASA


Washington, DC – In 1983 Sally Ride became a hero as the first American woman to travel into space. She was also happily married to fellow astronaut Steve Hawley, a fact not lost on South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint (R).

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Anti-rape prevention group names Nikki Haley as their Person of the Year

Nikki Haley wins the Taxes Are Rape Too "TARP of the Year" award

Columbia, SC – Governor Nikki Haley wasn’t trying to be a hero when she vetoed $453,680 from the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) budget earmarked for the Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, but try telling that to the group Taxes Are Rape Too (TART).

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