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Tiger Woods boycotted SC women over Confederate flag issue

The new question seems to be not who Tiger has slept with, but who he hasn’t. The answer? The women of South Carolina.

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Shunned by NFL, Limbaugh looks to Fantasy Football

Charleston – Still stung by rejection in his effort to buy into the NFL via the St. Louis Rams, Rush Limbaugh has set his sites lower and is looking to invest in a fantasy football league run jointly out of South Carolina and Maryland. Limbaugh contacted the Über League of American Football’s (ULAF) co-commissioner, Brian Barrie, about the investment on Thursday.

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NCAA moves Clemson/Carolina game to Georgia

Indianapolis — The NCAA announced today that the annual football clash between South Carolina’s two biggest schools will be moved to Athens, Georgia, in response to the ongoing conflict between the state legislature and the NAACP over the confederate flag issue.

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Michael Vick hired by Gamecocks

Columbia – Contradicting published reports that he’d signed a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, Gamecocks head ball coach Steve Spurrier announced yesterday that the USC has officially hired former Atlanta Falcon star Michael Vick despite Vick’s 18 month prison stay for dog fighting and gambling. Vick himself seemed pleased to be back in football.

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New USC t-shirt lacks phallic reference

Columbia – School administrators are delighted at a new, seemingly less suggestive t-shirt that’s been popping up around campus this summer.

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