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Bauer: If Sanford doesn’t step down, I’ll start driving again

Columbia – Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer renewed his offer to stay out of the 2010 gubernatorial race if Governor Sanford chose to resign rather than face impeachment and threatened to begin driving again if the Governor chose not to.

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Michael Jackson seen at cock fight

Red Top – Sheriff Al Cannon confirmed that LAPD officials positively identified via fingerprints Michael Jackson’s presence at an illegal cock fight on a farm in the rural town.

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Michael Vick hired by Gamecocks

Columbia – Contradicting published reports that he’d signed a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, Gamecocks head ball coach Steve Spurrier announced yesterday that the USC has officially hired former Atlanta Falcon star Michael Vick despite Vick’s 18 month prison stay for dog fighting and gambling. Vick himself seemed pleased to be back in football.

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Homeschool colleges the next big thing in SC

Columbia – Think you need to fork over thousands of dollars a year to get a decent job in the worst economy since the early 1980s? Think again, says Curt LeBlanc of the SC Homeschool League.

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Sanfords visited red light district, SLED agents claim

Amsterdam – SLED agents assigned to secretly follow the governor and his family reported today that Governor Sanford and his wife Jenny left their four sons in a hotel while they cavorted in Amsterdam’s steamy red light district.

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Russian sub snagged by Charleston trawler, incident ensues

Mt. Pleasant – Snatch, long a mainstay on Mt. Pleasant’s picturesque Shem Creek among the area’s shrimp boats caused an international incident yesterday off South Carolina’s waters.

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Gitmo detainees to be held on floating prison on SC’s lakes

Santee – House Majority Whip Henry Clyburn announced that an agreement has been reached to end the long controversial holding of terror suspects on Guantanamo Bay. The plan will involve housing the 200+ detainees on a state of the art “floating Alcatraz” Clyburn said.

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Biden in SC for alcohol detox, Secret Service agents reveal

North Charleston – Vice President Joe Biden’s arrival for a weeklong vacation at Kiawah Island yesterday is actually a cover story for the Vice President’s stay at a North Charleston alcohol and substance abuse treatment center, theDiscust learned.

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